Batman: The Animated Series, 1940s, Zur En Arrh by Tom Whalen / Tumblr

12″ X 36″ screen prints, S/N edition of 275 and Zur En Arrh edition of 150.

Part of the “Pulp Menagerie” art show at the Mondo Gallery / Tumblr. On sale at a random time Tuesday June 8th 2015, HERE.

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I used to bitch about Grant Morrison’s run on Batman RIP because I thought the inclusion of Batman of Zur-En-Arrh was a crappy Deus Ex Machina. Recently, I was convinced to re-read some of his starting at Batman and Son (where he started) and a few pages in, everything changed about my thoughts on Batman of Zur-En-Arrh because of this panel:

External image

Notice the graffiti in the background. This is from Batman #655. The above page is from Batman #678. That’s 23 issues difference! This is a monthly comic. That means it’s just shy of TWO FUCKING YEARS of foreshadowing. Basically the opposite of a Deus Ex Machina.

So, needless to say, I take it all back, Grant Morrison. You’re alright.