“TheCompanionsCaravan Asks: ✧ ((Pick a caravan member. Any member. No, not that one. Ah, just foolin’ ya. Any will do!))”

Send me a ✧ and one of the travelers will tell yours the first thing they notice when they look at them

Danz lifts her hand, attempting to make level with the other’s head, before waving it around and speaking in her odd, alien language. We can only assume that the first thing she’s noticed is how tall Zunni is.



Just the fact that Keaton named his cat Zunni…and then sings to it. How can you not love this boy.


Barani laughed as she was spun around through the air, kicking her feet playfully as she looked down at the wanderer.

{ Dancing!? You want to learn how to bellydance? Is it really in your interest as it’s considered so…girly? ♫ }

She found time to huff confidently down at him through her laughter, taking a quick moment to tap on his mask gently to make sure he had got her full attention.

{If you really want to you’ll have to put me down and loose a bit of what you’re wearing. You can’t dance with your body if you can’t see it. }