The world is frequently cynical, because that’s the easy path. If you tell yourself things won’t work out over and over again, you think it’ll ease the pain when things do go south. Hope is a genuinely difficult thing. Hope is a risk. And Superman is hope – the hope that an ordinary person with that much power all their life would use it to help everyone else. And I think a lot of people react against that, because accepting Superman means admitting that cynicism is throwing pieces of yourself away in the hope that you’ll present a smaller target.

Zunfa Comics “I Got 99 Comics But This Strip Ain’t One”

You can listen to this comic’s creation here! 

It’s always a bit awkward after you’ve broken up with a running joke, especially when you run into that joke’s topic again in the news later.

Robert and I made the decision a while ago, vis à vis North Korea and Apple. Each week it was either one or the other that was making the news we wanted to satirise, and our archive was basically filling up with strips about the two of them. It was a constant struggle to decide whether we wanted to make another joke about them, and eventually we realised we had to consciously draw a line in the sand.

The analogy kind of falls apart here though, cos we’re still going to make jokes about them when they do something particularly outlandish. But we didn’t want to become North Korea & Apple Comics.

Also, I said we had nothing big planned for the hundredth, which of course is a big lie, but then we didn’t have anything big for the hundredth! Gotcha.

Congratulations on one hundred comics! Congratulations to me, that is, because I drew (most of) them.

Zunfa Comics: If You Don’t Have A Penis, We Have A Product For You: It’s Called The Xbox 360

You can listen to this comic’s creation here!

Robert and I wrote this comic last friday – our weekly comic-writing day – at the same time we wrote the other Xbox One comic. I drew it a few days ago and everything was good to go, but then something unusual happened.

The entire issue we wrote the joke about was solved yesterday.

Go read that link. Like Microsoft’s two bolded dot points, there are two distinct things here that I wanna talk about. 

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Zunfa Comics “The Rhythm Of Words And Tracks”

The trains, the trains, they cross the lines
They carry us and curve us
But secrets lie where signs direct:
The land of Not in Service

If you should stop at random parts
The trains, the trains are waiting
At spectre-stations boarding ghosts,
Their torment unabating

The trains, the trains will bring you home
There’s no cause to be nervous
But once you’re gone they find their rest:
The land of Not in Service

Zunfa Comics “Call Monitors”

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the US government spying on all private phone communications, to the point where I’m not going to try and toss my own dissection of the issue into the hat. Enough pundits have already had at it enough that I can’t add any meaningful information. There’s obviously a delicate balance between liberty and security, and we all have different personal stances on it. I know where I stand, but it’s such a shades-of-grey area that it’s not worth wasting my time or yours to write, and then read, a neverending essay about it. You could probably infer the gist of my opinion from having read the comics I create.

While there’s no concrete indication that anybody is actively listening in to your conversations, we can’t help but wonder the eternal question: if they were, would it be possible to actually care about teenage drama?

(The proliferation of soap operas indicates to me that the eternal answer is yes.)

Zunfa Comics “The Best Laid Production Schedules”

Why yes, that is Jane who plays River in Series B.

This comic is true to a degree (regrettably there is yet no spinoff from Beastmaster), which is why Jane got off pretty light in our portrayal of her. It is generally uncharacteristic of our friends' cameos to retain their genuine personalities.

I feel like the scenario depicted here is true for most writers; at least it is for me and Robert - and Jane, and Lore. Amber I can’t speak for since she writes all her columns while squirrelled up in her squalid gay love nest away from my prying eyes. But generally, when we set out to write something, we end up writing many things. Other things. Things that aren’t as time critical. I remember when what Robert and I did was write a comic; now we apparently write a webnovel, three webseries (two still in development), single-issue comic books, individual forthcoming novels and a couple of plays.

When you write it all out like that it seems obvious that I’d be busy; yet apparently I still allocate a significant portion of my brain on trying to figure out why I don’t seem to have any damn time these days.

Zunfa Comics: Someone Note-Worthy


In reality, I was really excited to meet Ben Foster! He does the orchestration for all the Doctor Who music. What did I draw for him?? Well, you’ll have to click through to find out. And also to see the other really cool person I met by surprise! WHO COULD IT BE?? (I’m probably going to put their name in the tags anyway but click through anyway.)