PRES Constitución por Alejandro Aravena.

En el contexto del premio Zumtobel 2014 en la categoría ’Urban Delevopments & Initiatives’, Alejandro Aravena explica el plan PRES Constitución.

Revisa proyectos ligados al PRES Constitución en ARQ 81 | Espacios para la cultura y ARQ 84 | Estructuras de madera


more picks for our art collectors followers, is this outstanding lighting THE STARBRICK, designed by the established designer OLAFUR ELIASSON, as part of the masterpieces presented by ZUMTOBEL.

for me i have always find that geometry plays the master role in our life, and when it comes to design and functionality it rules it. any design based or inspired by geometry hardly fails to inspire, and that what this above lighting is all about. a modular light, which can be assembled differently giving us stand-up, table, or pendant source of light, each of them to the perfect stage of design.