Interview with a blogger: Izumi Nagai

 1.) Who is ZUMIPAU?

A simple girl who blogs about her love for life, art, fashion and.. food! :3

2.) Describe your fashion style.

My style is sweet but is also laid back at the same time. I don’t wear anything that I’m uncomfortable in. 

3.) What made you start blogging?

I always wanted to have a diary.. but I was never successful in making one. :)) So I made a Tumblr account, I was hooked to it since then. :)

4.) 5 interesting facts that your followers doesn’t know about you.

1. Looks are very deceiving. I may look girly and kikay on the outside, but deep inside is a boyish, sporty, video game playing girl. 

2. I’m half Japanese, not Korean/Chinese. Haha! 

3. I played volleyball before.

4. I find Rebecca Black really pretty. lol

5. I study in Seton.

5.) Who/What inspires you?

When I see bloggers who are very successful at a very young age, there’s this thing inside of me who really wants to be like them. Especially bloggers like Valerie Chua and Patricia Prieto, I really admire them. People always say that there’s no success in art, but they prove them all wrong. :)

6.) Describe a typical day in your life.

I don’t think that it’s exciting at all. I see me, sitting on the couch with a bowl of cereal in the morning. Log on Tumblr, blog about random stuff. And of course, do all the important things later at night. Haha!

7.) How do you handle your haters? Does it affect your life?

I get a lot of them, and they all say the same things. When they give negative comments, I just tell myself that these people don’t even know anything about me, I couldn’t let them dictate to me who I should be, so I just ignore them. Those haters made me emotionally stronger. 

8.) Can you share us your love story?

I don’t have a love story to tell right now, but I’ve been inlove. I tried my best to keep that relationship together, gave up hundreds of chances, but no matter what I do, it still didn’t work. I guess God wanted someone better for me. :)

9.) What are you most thankful for?

I am really thankful for a lot of things! Having a lovely family, a wonderful set of friends and an opportunity for me to study in a good school. 

10.) How do you want people to remember you?

I want to be remembered as the girl who makes the people she loves happy all the time. The girl who still knows how to smile despite of problems and troubles she went through. 

11.) Message for your readers.

Thank you for following my blog! I want to tell you all that I really appreciate all your support, I ♥ youl! :)

** All photos are from Izumi’s blog. :)

Guess who…. lol.

So basically my Wednesday was the shitty(est) day I’ve ever lived with my phone. I was having a great day until my phone fucked up. Please, iOS7 users– habang maaga pa iback up niyo na yung files niyo. Para at least if ever magloko yung phone, okay lang irestore to iOS6. So basically that happened to me yesterday– and I had to contact a crinkles buyer and my friend, Izumi. PERO WALA AKONG MATINONG PHONE. It was my first time na makitawag sa stranger na hindi ko naman kilala– para lang matawagan si Izumi. Kbye I’m deadz. <3

Pero whatever, fuck that. At least nakita ko ulit si zumipau. Guess what, pag dating ko sa meeting place namin hindi ko siya nakilala. Kasi medyo nag-camouflage siya sa mga Koreans sa cafe. Hahaha! Pero I’m still happy cause she’s still the same– gumanda lang lalo.

Thanks for the day pretty girl! I can’t wait to spend more days with you! (kung meron pa.. huhu)

053111 | Happy sweet 16 Izumi Nagai and Risha Sapanhila!

So kanina nag celebrate kami ng 16th ni Izumi at ni Risha sa ATC. Hahaha. Kumain kami ng lunch sa North Park (thank you Risha sa pag treat!) Grabe di namin napansin yung oras nung nandun kami. Pag tingin nalang namin 4pm na. Jusko lang.

Tapos nag shopping shopping sila. Syempre sila lang kasi ako wala akong dinalang pera. Nagtitipid ako, may pinagiipunan kasi ako. Haha! Ang dami nilang binili. Grabehan. Gusto ko nga mangutang at bumili buti nalang napigilan ko sarili ko. Hahaha!

Nahirapan kami maghanap ng pumps para kay Tin. Hahaha. Naikot na namin yung buong Town. Thank you Lord at nakahanap din kami. =))

Salamat ulit kay Risha sa paglibre. HAHAHAHA We lab you so mats bebe gurl. Oh diba napapansin niyo apat yung sofa. Medyo dalawa lang talaga yan. Eh parang ewan lang si Tin at Risha, kinuha yung kabila. HAHAHAHA Nakakahiya.

I had so much fun today guuuurls! Namiss ko kayo ng sobra. Thank you for making my day happy yipee yehey (weh ano daw) I love you soooo much! Photos are from Izumi’s camera.


2 YEARS and 1 MONTH na ko marunong magdota, pero hanggang ngaun di pa ko naadik sa kanya ng sobra sobra.HAHAHA

Gusto ko mafeel kung paano maadik sa dota….

HI RAQUEL! HI IZUMI!..tanda niyo pa ba to?

Yung time na nagdota tayo kila Delio?!?!?!

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