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Facebook memories got me like 😱

From being a participant and hiding in the back of the room in Zumba to being an instructor ready to rock it on stage in front of the class! It’s amazing the difference a few years a lot of kilos shed can make! I’ll never stop working and never stop striving! I might have set backs (and I know I’ve had plenty already) but I will get to my goal!!

I just LOVE my Zumba ladies.

Last night they almost made me cry, coming up one after another to give me hugs and tell me how much they’d missed me the last two weeks. They’re genuinely concerned about me. They are SO SWEET!!!! I told them that I would be doing Level One most of class and one of them said “We don’t care if you sit on a chair at the front and just tell us what to do, we’re so glad you’re here!”

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I felt decent during most of the class. It was way better than Saturday!! But then again…it was only 45 minutes. ;) Tonight in my hour long class, my friend Rachel is going to do a few songs in the middle to give me a break.  I’m pretty sad that I missed two weeks of workouts and now that I’m back fromlazytolively is on vacay! Whoever planned this did a terrible job. ;)

(P.S. I was tagged in like four different things yesterday!!! :D I’ll try to do them all today.)


I spent a good deal of time this morning looking for some “before” photos of myself for the Zumba Facebook page I’m setting up.

There’s this temptation of needing to prove that Zumba works…to show a big transformation and say “Look how disgusting and flabby I was before! And now look how amazing and in shape I am!!! All thanks to Zumba!” As if, without that kind of photographic evidence, I can’t convince people to try Zumba.

But honestly, my weight fluctuates so much that it’s impossible to find a true “before” picture. And I can tell you right now that I’m 10lbs heavier than that “after” picture up there. :P

I may never be a real “after.” I may spend all my time in between these two pictures. But that’s ok because you know what? The change that Zumba made in my life is almost more internal than external. Zumba has changed the way I think about my body and about exercise. It has increased my confidence, my energy and my stamina. It’s improved my body image. It’s forced me out of my comfort zone and made me look my insecurities right in the face and not back down. I can tell you that the girl in those first pictures had ZERO confidence and didn’t want to be noticed at all, let alone stand at the front of a classroom screaming “SHAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” haha

That’s why I recommend Zumba with pride. That’s why I believe it’s successful.

Zumba is special to me not because it helped that girl in the “before” lose a few pounds, but because it lured her off the couch and tricked her into loving and craving exercise!

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When I agreed to exercise with Simon, I didn't realize he meant this.

“Si, as happy as I am that you want to try and burn off all those goddamned scones, this is ridiculous. I thought you just wanted to go jogging or something.” 

He reached for my hand, and gave me his best puppy dog eyes. I gulped. 

“Bazzy… Please? For me?” he fluttered his eyes. he looked so silly, but it only made me want to kiss him more. 

“Just this once.” I concede, knowing I would regret this in about five seconds. 

“Yes! Now, you’re going to need some leggings… what about my zebra stripe ones? The orange ones? Oh my god, the zumba instructor is going to love you-” 

I’m so sorry this took so long i had such a long week and i wanted to be able to sit down on my computer to answer these

leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next five


I’m having my own personal Zumba marathon today.

I went to a friend’s class at 8am because today is her Birthday. Then I taught my class.

When I was leaving the Y, I found a number of texts on my phone about the South Y needing a sub at noon. Sooooo I came home, took a quick shower and changed for ROUND 3.

I’m really glad. I need to burn so much crap out of my system. Now…the trick will be reloading with healthy things and not more crap. haha

Iran Bans Zumba, and Its Fans Fume
An Iranian government institution promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle effectively banned Zumba classes for being contrary to Islamic precepts.
By Thomas Erdbrink

“TEHRAN — To those Iranians shaking their hips and backsides to Latin American music during Zumba exercise classes, Iran’s Muslim clerics — and an American company — have the same message: Stop it. It’s illegal.

The country’s Zumba fans, however, are refusing to back down.

Iran has undergone a health revolution in recent years, with gyms and fitness clubs opening in many neighborhoods. Men lift weights to become buff; women sweat in aerobic classes to stay lean.

As in many countries, Zumba, an aerobics dance class, has attracted a wide following here, especially among women who gather a couple times a week to work out to upbeat tracks by singers like Ricky Martin and Shakira and lose weight in the process.

“It’s fun. It’s positive,” said Sunny Nafisi, 33, a Zumba instructor who works in an upscale Tehran gym. But recent days haven’t been fun or positive at all, Ms. Nafisi admitted.

An edict issued this month by the head of the Sports for All Federation, a government institution promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle, effectively banned Zumba classes for being contrary to Islamic precepts.

Ever since, Ms. Nafisi’s phone has been buzzing with messages from depressed Zumba aficionados who feared their fitness parties, as some describe the classes, were canceled.

“It is as if they have legalized alcohol — everyone is talking about it,” Ms. Nafisi said, referring to the liquor ban in the country. Even her mother-in-law called from California to ask if this was the end of Zumba in Iran.

“Of course not,” Ms. Nafisi fumed. “Zumba will not be stopped.””

This whole thing reads like the plot to “Footloose”


Zumba order has been placed. I spent my gift card…and some Christmas money. Zumba wear and gym clothes are my absolute kryptonite. I’m not a spender, usually. I browse at stores and always leave without buying anything. But Zumba wear? Holy smokes. But the cuter I dress when I’m teaching - the more fabulous I feel - the harder I dance - the better I teach - making me the best instructor I can be. So this is an investment. *anyone out there convinced?*

Anyway, I went with the black & leopard leggings. The deciding factor was that I do already have 2 pairs of purple-ish leggings.  I’ll probably end up buying the other pair eventually, let’s be honest. I’ll try to at least wait till it’s on sale.

I also, clearly, had to have this hat. When Zumba makes a hat, I have to buy it. That’s a rule!!

Then the shirts. I am dying over this blood orange!! *Project Runway wink* It’s so zesty!  I got the tank in black too because, well,  black goes with everything and because I tend to love Zumba’s burnout tanks so I knew I’d want more than one.

And this concludes this episode of “Rationalizing Buying More Zumba Clothes When I Have A Drawer-full” with Sarah.

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What kind of music do you see each of the bats listening to? I like the couple suggestions you had for Jason (Especially that gasolina one!)

oh my god i lov this ask i wrote down some ideas while i was working and im doing everyone 

-Dick’s aesthetic is literally eighties zumba instructor. he has so many bad eighties songs bc he likes listening to them when he’s working out, also if he wants to listen to some happy music hes gonna listen to some damn happy music thank u. everyone can tell whenever dick’s training bc you can hear the faint sounds of ‘everybody’s working for the weekend’ and ‘girls just wanna have fun’ 

-Jason’s music taste, I have so many thoughts about tbh. Latin pop is his number one guilty pleasure, he just really likes fast paced music with really good beats yknow? Nicki Minaj is also a fave of his (he can rap all her parts and literally everyone in the family can vouch) but bc he likes fast paced and loud he also holds a secret fondness for musicals (him and steph totally have sing off’s in the Cave when it’s just them. tim secretly records them. his fave was when they sang ‘light my candle’ from rent) 

-Tim, oh man Tim. Honestly, Tim’s a fucking mess tbh. You think he’ll be all suave and hipster-ish with his music tastes but no, he’s not. At all. This dork fucking likes dubstep?? is this 2012?? And like you know those screamo songs you downloaded in middle school bc you wanted to pretend to be hardcore, tim still listens to them. (tbh this vine is jason and tim whenever tim picks the music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr3uwEHR-2k

-Damian, honestly I do like the headcanon that he enjoys classical music. But I also like thinking that Damian really loves like the bollywood genre? and because he has to listen to nonsense (why are these people screaming, Drake? if you want screaming go to arkham?) so damian has a bunch of arabic songs on his ipod he enjoys singing loudly because if he can’t understand his brothers music then no one is going to be able to understand his either. (also he has a few disney songs he downloaded after dick showed him some movies. His top played is ‘everybody wants to be a cat’

-Steph, I love Steph so much. She has the Emo Trinity on her ipod and likes watching Bruce brood while listening to MCR bc she feels like it ‘sets the mood.’ Steph likes pop punk in all honesty, and she’s the one who helps everyone else find songs/artists she thinks they’d like (She got Tim into 21 pilots and Jason into Rihanna) also she’s a big fan of musical theater and at the moment her and Jason are in a bet to see who can rap all the parts in Hamilton the best. 

-Cass, Cass is the unholy hodgepodge of all her brother’s and Steph’s tastes combined. But also, something that’s all Cass is that she really likes training to video game soundtracks, it helps her focus and makes her feel even more badass then she already is (tim has copied her and now trains to video game soundtracks. dorks) probably her favorite thing is when she walked in on Jason dancing to ‘bitch betta have my money’ while cleaning his safehouse and he got really embarrassed/almost got his gun out when she surprised him by clapping at the end of the song bc “how did you get into my house, cass??”

Headcanon that Bitty is a certified Zumba instructor and teaches weekly classes at the Samwell rec center. It’s a hobby that started back when he lived in Georgia when his mom and her friends went to classes together in his home town’s only big chain gym. One day his mom asked him if he wanted to give it a try since it seemed like something he’d like. “They play all of your favorite songs, Dicky! It’ll be fun!” and thus, Bitty learns how to get crunk.

 He does a great job of encouraging new people who’ve never danced before and keeping the entire class energized and excited. And even though he gets a small payment every time he teaches, he also does it because he truly loves getting people to break out of their shell and of course it’s great exercise. 

Ransom and Holster are class regulars for the sake of the Booty Bureau, and Shitty and Lardo pop in whenever they aren’t too busy. Jack of course wouldn’t be caught dead at a Zumba class and constantly chirps Bitty for teaching Zumba in the first place, but Bitty always responds with something along the lines of “Don’t lash out at me just because you can’t dance, Mr. Zimmermann.” or “I’m getting my cardio in captain, you should be thankful.” and takes it in stride. 

I just adore this image of Bitty in a Samwell hockey t-shirt, booty shorts, and a sweatband around his head leading a Zumba class. Just yes. 

(Sorry for this stupid headcanon, but I’m getting my certification soon. So.)

Zumba instructor Eggsy (because he’s flexible and he dances with Daisy all the time anyways, so why not make a career out of it?)

Harry bumping into Eggsy on his way into the gym and knowing he will do anything to see more of that ass in spandex. He does not taking into consideration that ‘anything’ means signing up for Zumba class until he’s dying in the middle of said Zumba class.

In a fight, he’s graceful, but in a small room with middle-aged woman and a hot instructor, not so much. He spends most of the time either half a move behind or just doing the wrong thing entirely. He doesn’t think he’s ever been so humiliated.

Until, of course, Eggsy pulls him off to the side after one particularly embarrassing class and tells him that he offers private sessions.

Harry blusters his way through a refusal, thinking it’s Eggsy’s way of politely saying ‘mate, you dance like shite and probably shouldn’t do it in front of others’ but Eggsy looks genuinely disappointed when he refuses.

He stops going to the classes after that, even though he’s still paid for a couple of weeks.

A few days later Merlin calls him up and calls him an idiot for seemingly no reason.

“Can you not even attempt a Google search, Harry?”

“Sorry… what?”

“There’s nothing on the Internet indicating Eggsy hires himself out for private sessions.”

“So, what you’re saying is…”

“You’re a bloody idiot, Harry Hart.”

Looking more than a bit sheepish, Harry manages to make it to the last class just as Eggsy is headed out. When Harry asks if that earlier offer is still on the table, Eggsy smirks, says, “Thought you’d never fuckin’ ask.”

Harry enjoys the private sessions much more than the classes and he finds out exactly what benefits one can reap from Zumba after all.

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Seventeen Reaction To You Being A Zumba Instructor.

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Seungcheol: *Runs around and waves his hands* This is what she does! and people follow her! It’s amazing~

Junghan: *Signs up for class but doesn’t want to excersie so he sits and watches you*

Joshua: *Claps for you during class* That’s my girlfriend!!!

Jun: So can you incorporate some of those moves into bed? *Dirty boy tsk tsk*

Hoshi: Works out in the gym below you so he waves to you before your class starts*

Wonwoo: *He says he wants to watch you dance and you have to wake him up early* I was really interested but can we sleep in a bit more?

Woozi: *Fascinated by the whole concept*

Seokmin: *Mesmerized by the movements and how everyone moves together*

Mingyu: Wow you work hard! I’m getting sweaty just watching you! *Fans himself even though you are the once sweating*

Minghao: *Sits at the side of class and watches you*

Seungkwan: I got some moves too! *Dances sassily*

Vernon: *Finds you cute when you are talking about Zumba*

Dino: *Works out with you*