zumba clothes


Zumba order has been placed. I spent my gift card…and some Christmas money. Zumba wear and gym clothes are my absolute kryptonite. I’m not a spender, usually. I browse at stores and always leave without buying anything. But Zumba wear? Holy smokes. But the cuter I dress when I’m teaching - the more fabulous I feel - the harder I dance - the better I teach - making me the best instructor I can be. So this is an investment. *anyone out there convinced?*

Anyway, I went with the black & leopard leggings. The deciding factor was that I do already have 2 pairs of purple-ish leggings.  I’ll probably end up buying the other pair eventually, let’s be honest. I’ll try to at least wait till it’s on sale.

I also, clearly, had to have this hat. When Zumba makes a hat, I have to buy it. That’s a rule!!

Then the shirts. I am dying over this blood orange!! *Project Runway wink* It’s so zesty!  I got the tank in black too because, well,  black goes with everything and because I tend to love Zumba’s burnout tanks so I knew I’d want more than one.

And this concludes this episode of “Rationalizing Buying More Zumba Clothes When I Have A Drawer-full” with Sarah.

After working for the Y for a year, my training fee was reimbursed to me! So, I did what I always do when I come into some extra cash and should be building a real wardrobe - I bought workout gear. :P

I’ll post pics of all my new stuff as I wear it.

aprilkristin - It’s from Sunset Sign Designs on Etsy. I ordered 3 tanks from this shop and she is great to work with! This tank was in pink and white but I asked her to change it to lime green and it was no problem. I also ordered a completely custom top but it hasn’t arrived yet. Can’t wait to share! :)


I ordered some Zumba gear when they had their flash sale last week.


I’ve never been so pumped to be a size XL aka size XLOVELY. Their size charts associate a positive term with every size for their Women and Men’s clothing!

Zumba is doing size charts right y'all.