Someone’s got to start like a health goth synth pop aerobics class and stream it online somewhere so I can get my fat goth ass into shape. I want to do high kicks to new order and cross punches to depeche mode


Quartier Revolution, An amazing concept located in the south shore of Montreal (Quebec) is a multi disciplinary center who offers 53 groups classes a week in warm atmosphere. Crossfit, Zumba, Bootcamp, yoga, Cize live, insanity. We have the best instructors in town !

For the new year, we are launching many promotions for all your needs. Visit to know more.

For zumba lovers, get 3 months of unlimited ZUMBA for only 120$

Also get a full membership giving access to all of our classes at 65$/month (value of 85$)

January is Resolution Season and from the parking lot to the fitness equipment to the studios, the gym tends to get a little crowded.

It’s easy for us to become possessive of our favorite equipment or classes - “that’s MY SPOT. I’ve been here since Summer/March/2012/or whenever.” But instead of giving into selfishness and exasperation, let’s be welcoming and encouraging to the newbies we’ll see this month. We’ve all been in those shoes before, starting for the first time or starting over.

You could be the friendly face that gives them the courage to come back again next week. You could be the support that keeps them from giving up by February. You could be the new friend that helps them finally stick to their goals this time.

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……… hope everyone has a wonderful #valentineday .. on the bright side im going to do 2hrs at the gym at the dawn of morning ( by dawn i mean 8am ) but yes #bootiecampyoga w the lovley @summerverano 💞 n #Zumba w the lovley @emilyjazzkim 🙌 🌹 .. cuze that is how i will spen my morning .. Happy Hour at the gym #badaboom ..
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Cerebral palsy can't stop Brunswick resident from dancing
On any given evening, Mary Fashik can be seen dancing on the front row in Zumba class at Bailey’s Powerhouse Gym in Brunswick. Oftentimes teaching one or two dances herself, it’s something the 38-year-old, vivacious Brunswick resident has enjoyed doing since her first Zumba class at the YMCA in February 2013.

here’s the article about me in our local newspaper. so happy i got to share my personal journey with others.


I am back from Tampa!!

This weekend was a dream come true in many ways. While I already knew these ladies and we talk all the time on Facebook, this was the first time we’d hung out for more than classes or dinner at ZINCON. And it felt easy-breezy wonderful. So relaxed and fun!! Monica was a great hostess and her GORGEOUS house was really the perfect setting for this. We each had our own room and she’d stocked her fridge with quick & easy food, so we all just went about as we pleased and it never felt weird or awkward grabbing a snack or trying to catch a nap.

We had so much fun together!! We gabbed and giggled and danced and shared routines and ate Mexican food and chocolate chip cookies. There was no “oh, I really shouldn’t eat that” or “I guess I can have half a cookie since I’m burning a lot of calories today.” No, it was all “PASS ME THE COOKIES.” :) Really comfortable and refreshing!

We had danced together at ZINCON but we’d never had the opportunity to see each other teach. IT WAS SO FUN!!!! We crashed Monica’s class first thing Friday morning and each of us led one song and it was just like “OMG! YOU ARE SO GOOD! YOU ARE A SUPER STAR! OH I WANNA HUG YOU!” We are all different and have completely individual styles but we are strong, confident, proficient Zumba instructors. And we all have great respect for the Zumba brand that we are representing. I think that’s one of the reasons we click so well! We are so passionate about our positions as instructors.

We were nervous about our big event Friday night, but it was completely fabulous and everyone did such a great job! We did several routines as a group and we could feel the stage shaking under our feet which was TERRIFYING but it didn’t crash and nobody fell off. LOL The crowd was warm and responsive. Everybody had a great time!!

On Saturday morning we crashed Gina & her husband Andy’s class at Crunch Fitness. Let me just say, that gym was amazing!! Really great facility. Their classroom is huge and they’ve got a nice platform at the front (which was solid and didn’t shake like our event stage!! haha). Gina is an AMAZING instructor. She is so full of energy and just totally “ON” the entire time. I was in awe of her every time she was on stage! LOL Now that her husband is a ZIN, they teach together a few times a week and that is SO COOL. It allows Gina to really ham it up and interact with the students, while Andy continues the choreography so no one gets lost. I admit, I’m a little jealous of their set up. haha

Saturday night was “the main event,” even though we had already had so much fun at all the other classes. Monica rented a limo for us to ride to the Master Class and brought champagne (and sparkling water for me!) so we could toast and celebrate! Gina was a VIP at the master class so she had to be there early, but Andy came in the limo with us. 

I am going to save the master class for another post because I’m waiting to get some more photos from other people. And because this is already way too long. :)


Da ormai un po’ di anni è arrivata in palestra la Zumba e le sale si sono riempite di ragazze vestite con colori fluo, ché se hai una tuta nera metti troppa tristezza e invece la Zumba è gioia e festa e movimento e la spacciano come una disciplina per perdere peso e tonificare tutti i muscoli del corpo e bruciare 800 calorie e sollevare il culo e snellire i fianchi e io non voglio fare il guastafeste, ma la Zumba non è che una lezione di aerobica con musiche latino-americane e le calorie che si bruciano sono le stesse che brucia mia nonna quando va a ballare al circolo anziani e se non abbinate anche un allenamento con pesi o carichi di vario tipo, vi serviranno tre vite per tonificare il culo. Quindi se volete divertirvi e socializzare ok, ma se volete dimagrire, segnatevi a qualche altra disciplina e lasciate perdere la Zumba.

One flight down, one to go! My flight to Houston was ROUGH and I just kept my head back and eyes closed the whole time. I don’t understand how a rollercoaster junkie like myself can get motion sick so easily while the senior citizens all around me were reading and working sudoku puzzles as we bounced up and down and back and forth!

When we landed I passed up on a Panda Express and several yummy looking taco places because I figured I would grab food closer to my gate. So of course, the choices by my gate were Popeyes or Subway. This always seems to happen to me!!! Maybe a light sub was a better idea than fried rice or tacos though, if the next flight is rough as well.

Can’t wait to see my ZIN SISTERS! :)


Dear friends, how are you? I am fine. ;) How about a real post for a change?

Over the weekend I was excited to attend a Zumba Jam right here in town! We very rarely have events like that here, so I wasn’t about to pass it up! Unfortunately, the Zumba instructors in this city are sadly apathetic about opportunities to get involved or continue their education, so attendance was pathetic. The ZJ Jaime Ortiz was fantastic and gave us some great choreography though, and I will happily use it in my classes! I’m adding two of them tonight. I loved that he explained what each song was about for those of us who don’t speak Spanish. It made me like each song even more!

We are quickly approaching my big Zumba weekend in Tampa!!!! I fly out on Thursday. On Saturday we dance with Steve Boedt & Kass Martin at their master class, but before that on Friday we are hosting a Happy Hour Zumba Party where my instructor friends and I will get to teach together!! I can’t wait!! We’re having a live percussionist which I’ve only DREAMED OF. How exciting!

Last week was a bit of a calorie-fest filled with burgers and gelato and Mexican food and McDonald’s breakfast and gigantic steak dinners. Not every week has to be like that, but it doesn’t hurt when some are. I find that comforting. :) Still learning how to make food my friend. 

I’m still creeping on Tumblr and checking up on those of you who are still posting. I miss you and chatting with you!!