Kaya name

a name used to describe someone who is both amazingly
beautiful and wonderfully talented, also with a personality fit for an angel.another word for weed, also the feeling of being high; happinessA really wonderful person who is beautiful, loyal, and amazing…

The name Kaya means ‘restful place’, 'forgiveness’,’ home’, 'yew tree’, 'stone’, ’ willow’, 'wise child’ or 'the one with the beautiful body or profile’


Kaya \ka-ya\ as a girl’s name is pronounced KAH-yah.
It is of Japanese, Zulu, Hawaiian , Turkish, Hopi and Hindi origin.

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The name Kaia is a Hawaiian baby name. In Hawaiian the meaning of the name Kaia is: The sea
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Kaia is a variant of Kaya. Kaia is also a form of the Scandinavian name Kaja.
Kaia is also a derivation of Gaia (Greek for earth).
Depending on diacritical marks it can mean “fast asleep” or “swing” or “to cluster together.”

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Kaia means Love


Shaka King of the Zulus

  • He was born around 1787 to Senzangakhona and Nandi.
  • Shaka’s father was the ruler of a small chiefdom (the Zulus) and his mother was the daughter of an Elangeni tribe
  • He was born out of wedlock, so he spent much of his childhood with his mother until he was of age to become a warrior
  • He was often teased and humiliated by other children because he was raised without a father but claimed to be the son of a chief
  • He soon became a warrior in the Mthethwa army under Dingiswayo
  • In 1816, his father died, and Dingiswayo helped Shaka assassinate his brother and become chief of the Zulus
  • Shaka was under Dingiswayo’s control as ruler of the Zulus but was given a lot of freedom
  • In around 1818, Dingiswayo died in battle. Some say Shaka deliberately allowed him to die but there’s no evidence to back this claim up
  • After Dingiswayo died, Shaka took control of the Mthethwa and began to conquer neighboring chiefdom’s
  • When Shaka fully came into power, he began to reorganize his army in accordance with his own ideas and training
  • He did not allow his warriors to wear sandals which toughened their feet and installed discipline into the warriors
  • Shaka is known for possibly creating the buffalo horns military formation and his use of encirclement tactics
  • Shaka eventually began to amass a powerful army
  • In 1818, Shaka successful defeated the Ndwandwe
  • Shaka’s forces once again defeated the Ndwandwe in 1826
  • After 1826 he no longer had any major rivals
  • He continued to conquer neighboring chiefdom’s but often left the reigning chief in place unless the chiefdom resisted
  • His wars may have caused around a million deaths and many people were forced migrate elsewhere to get away from his rule
  • After the death of his mother in 1827, Shaka begin to exhibit odd behavior
  • He ordered that pregnant women be killed along with their husbands, milk was not allowed to be used, and around 7,000 people were killed for not grieving enough
  • Shaka was assassinated in 1828 by his half brothers and buried in an unknown location
  • He is remembered for uniting different chiefdom’s, building up the Zulu Kingdom, and his military genius

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On this day in 1879 the defence of the mission station of Rorke’s Drift, under the command of Lieutenant John Chard of the Royal Engineers, takes place. The battle immediately followed the British Army’s defeat at the Battle of Isandlwana on 22 January 1879, and continued into the following day, 23 January.

Just over 150 British and colonial troops successfully defended the garrison against an intense assault by 3,000 to 4,000 Zulu warriors. The massive, but piecemeal, Zulu attacks on Rorke’s Drift came very close to defeating the tiny garrison but were ultimately repelled. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded to the defenders, along with a number of other decorations and honours, no other regiment has been awarded more VC’s for a single action since. 

The action was forever immortalized by the 1964 film Zulu.


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