Introducing Zultanite

The fusion of my Rhodochrosite and @odragonloveoo‘s Pyrope



Pronouns: They/Them

Abilities: Electricity manipulation, rotational limbs, super speed, enhanced reflexes

Weapon: Electrical Grappling Hook

Personality: The best way to describe Zultanite is- passionate. Zultanite is a gem that puts 110% into everything they do. They carry an immense amount of pride with them and hold very high standards for themself, leading them to excel into most everything they do. However, this causes them to have very little patience for mistakes, and a bit of a fiery temper. This is bad news for anyone that stands against them because once Zultanite has set their mind on something, no one can stop them. Luckily though, their heart outweighs their temper most of time and they can see when they’ve gone too far.

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Sketch layer of Zultanite and his new victim! 

I think that for the bigger ones, like quartzes, he restrains them instead of outright attacking, since its gonna take a few whacks to get them poofed.