2 in the morning, hella tired, but I got the designing bug. So yeah this was the new Au I was talking about, Steven universe crossover because I love that show so much. My favorite gem is Pearl~ I’m not the first one to think of this concept but I did wanted to give it my own spin and well, I love to redesign characters. I present to you, Crystal Falls

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Also did these really quick! This month the gemsona-hq is having a super cute prompt of giving your characters baseball outfits and human names (like in “Hit the Diamond”). I couldn’t pass it up with these guys (pluz one). Here ya got Cal, Zelda, Sally, and C.P… Kinda weird names, but it was the best I could come up with. 

I really wanted to draw these guys again after I recently did a few fusion call requests back on deviantart, and I also wanted to add one more character to the mix. I’ve been thinking about adding them for a while, but I guess it’s better late than never! I’ll prob do a reference/sketches for them in the future.

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Gemstone quality variety of diaspore (Turkish diaspore), also known as  csarite, zultanite and ottomanite and  is relatively new to the jewelry market, but it is one gemstone whose amazing natural color changing abilities makes it well suited to any jewelry connoisseur. Unlike other color change gems such as Alexandrite, Zultanite change of color is not limited to two colors, rather it can exhibit various greens,  cognac, pink, champagne, canary yellows and gingers in different light sources.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) classifies Zultanite as a Type II transparent gemstone, meaning that it is usually eye-clean (no visible inclusions when the gem is examined approximately 6 inches from the naked eye) with some inclusions visible under 10x magnification. Inclusions are tiny natural features that grow within the crystal during a gem’s formation within the earth. Mostly microscopic in nature, inclusions are a fascinating hallmark of authenticity, recording a gem’s natural relationship with the earth. They are also extremely useful to gemologists when identifying natural gemstones from synthetics and imitations.

Name: Zultanite, Diospore, or “Spore”
Gem: Zultanite/Diospore
Gender/Pronouns: Masculine-leaning nonbinary・ey/he
Weapon: Bladed…staff…thingy? Basically when he pulls it out, it looks like that flower thing labeled 1, but when pulled apart it’s more like those other two. The green gem is slightly more powerful, and he’s right-handed, so yeah. That should explain the R and L.
Backstory: First, I have a headcanon that when the Crystal Gems found Amethyst, they wanted to rescue other gems from Kindergarten. Most tried to fight or run away, and the Crystal Gems could only save so many before being stopped, but Spore was too young and terrified to fight back. Because ey were so anxious, Rose took em to the forest to escape the chaos and help em relax. Of course, it worked, but it worked so well that Spore is now obsessed with the forest, and ey do all ey can to protect it. Ey’re considered to be part of a somewhat secret branch of the Crystal Gems. That group is not active in the sense of fighting off monsters, but they are dedicated to a certain region and guard it. They’re scattered all over and tend to hide themselves from humans.
Notes: The actual real life gemstone Diospore is really cool and it does change in light! Spore’s changes from light brown in dim lighting/indoors to green when in bright lighting/outdoors. Sooooo ey only have those cute green blushies when ey’re outside or in bright lighting. (Also, since Spore is my gemsona and not just some unrelated one, ey like shapeshifting into my Kirby species kintype, Scout! By the way, from the memories I have, I do actually believe Scout may have been a forest protector.)
Gemstone Meaning: It’s pretty rare and hard to find info on, but basically “Diospore” means “to scatter” (or us that “Zultanite”?), which fits really well because of my facets…as in I’m part of a multiple system…not as in gems. Also, green is kinda my color, but brown kind of is, too. The gem also supposedly has the ability to encourage open-mindedness and being accepting, enhances intellect, psychic power, astral force,  and ambition, and that’s pretty much it!
Message me your gemsona if you wanna fuse with him!


Ninja Polish Zultanite

I am in love. Autumn is my favourite season and the only way to describe Zultanite is autumn in a bottle. It shifts between green, gold, and a deep reddish-brown, with oodles of similarly-shifting glitter. The glitter doesn’t shift quite as much as the base colour, so there’s some really cool contrast there. In some lights I can even see blue in the bottle, but I haven’t been able to capture that on the nail. The formula is on the thin side, easy to work with and dries quickly. I only needed one coat of topcoat to completely smooth out the glitter.

Shown here is one coat over black. You could wear Zultanite alone, but it’s very sheer and I’d much rather preserve this bottle for as long as I can. Obviously, how well it wears without chipping/tipwear will depend on what you layer it over. I used Cult Nails Nevermore and got amazing wear out of it, with no chips and only minimal tipwear after six days. I’d also love to try it over another duo/multichrome and see what happens!

It’s a truly stunning colour and I can’t wait to try the other two polishes in the Ninja Polish Facets collection, nor can I wait to see what they release in the future! I’d recommend signing up to be notified of new stock on the Ninja Polish website, since this one sells out fast whenever it appears.

Gem Weapon/Powers/Abilities
  • Inherent Gem Abilities: Bubbling, regeneration, weapon, shape-shifting, super strength, awesome dancing, fusing
  • Peridot: Technokinesis?, charged blasts
  • Ruby: Heat, Gauntlet
  • Garnet: Gauntlets, can swim in lava, immunity to extreme heat, future vision, electricity/power generation
  • Sapphire: Ice, can fly, future vision
  • Lapis Lazuli: Hydrokinesis, (elemental water from her gem, can manipulate other sources of water, can make water doubles of people, can walk on water?)
  • Lapis Lazuli as the mirror: indexing
  • Rose Quartz: Healing tears, Shield, plant attacks
  • Amethyst: Whip (also electrically conductive), spin dash
  • Pearl: Spear, Light/hologram projection, charged blast from spear, sand manipulation, can summon/store objects from her gem
  • Steven Universe: Healing spit, Shield, Plant attacks, ability to bubble himself, empath (ability to sense anothers emotions, even at a distance {lapis}), dream walking (may be an extension of his empath ability)
  • Stevonnie: ???
  • Opal: Bow, exploding arrows, agility
  • Malachite: Hydrokinesis
  • Sugilite: Meteor Hammer
  • Sardonyx: War Hammer
  • Alexandrite: ???
  • Temple Gem: ???
  • Lion: Portals, Alternate dimension, enhanced roar, can walk on water
  • Centipeetle: Acid spit
  • Mask Island Monster: Invisibility
  • Lighthouse Monster: ?
  • Jasper: Helmet, being super judgmental of fusions, spin dash
  • Yellow Diamond: being cool and menacing
  • Message me if you think I missed any or made a mistake.