Also did these really quick! This month the gemsona-hq is having a super cute prompt of giving your characters baseball outfits and human names (like in “Hit the Diamond”). I couldn’t pass it up with these guys (pluz one). Here ya got Cal, Zelda, Sally, and C.P… Kinda weird names, but it was the best I could come up with. 

I really wanted to draw these guys again after I recently did a few fusion call requests back on deviantart, and I also wanted to add one more character to the mix. I’ve been thinking about adding them for a while, but I guess it’s better late than never! I’ll prob do a reference/sketches for them in the future.

It’s pretty late, so I’ll probably reblog this in the morning too!

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When Zultanite had nothing better to do, he tended to practice in the fitness room. Ever since he started training with Nuumite, he was constantly trying to put his body to its limits in order to become stronger and more enduring. And the weights room was the best place, after the battlefield, for it.

His whole body was oozing from the intense effort, as he would pull the two chains and lift the massive cylinder that were linked to them rings in the ceiling. All his muscle were aching agonizingly, but it was always a good sign: as Nuumite always told him, painis pain is weakness leaving the body.

He was about to beat his own record by going over the 675th lift, when the door parted and loud bootsteps rose. He looked up to discover Yellow Diamond herself had entered the room. "My Diamond!“ he exclaimed as he hurried to stand straight and do the Diamond salute, inadvertently dropping the chains, that his palms had been glued to for hours, and letting the two cylinders hit the ground with a thud - so much for his new record.

“What brings you here, if I may ask?”