Eylure lashes

When we found out that we were going to have Eylure false eyelashes and Elegant Touch false nails on zulily.co.uk, we thought we’d ask one of our guest bloggers, Tara, to test some of these pretties out for batting effect and fluttering power!

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As we head towards the Christmas Party season the must have item for that ultra glam look is without a doubt false eyelashes.

As a huge fan of the falsies, I have tried and tested different products and experimented with putting them on to make them look as natural as I can. The most important thing about wearing them is making sure they suit you and your eye shape. If you are a newbie to the World of lashes then try experimenting with a set that aren’t too gaudy.

Eylure’s new Naturalites starter kit is a fabulous way to get confident with applying lashes. The pack contains a strip set and a corner lash to practice applying them without ruining the main set. It also has a silicone lash applicator which helps you keep hold of them whilst applying. They can be fiddling so taking your time and practising really does help.

I always apply my make up first, including eyeshadow but not mascara. I test where I am going to stick the lash first off and then put the glue onto the back of the strip and leave for 20-30 seconds as per the instructions. This ensures the glue is tacky and helps them to stay in place. Once I have fixed the lash in place I then add a little eye liner on top and some mascara to my own lash so that they blend in. 

I also asked a couple of friends to try them out and we all came back with the same verdict ‘really easy to apply, look great and last all night’.

If you are careful enough when taking them off you can reuse them and I have found that they are even easier to apply once they have been worn before.

Eylure ‘Naturalites’. They add length without being to gaudy. 

If you like these lashes check out the Katy Perry Range which Eylure have created they make great stocking fillers if you like me are thinking about Christmas and planning ahead.

By Tara Silverman, who can also be found on her blog Tickety Boo Events