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I have a habit of crossing over my Dragonborns into Thedas. My recent one is Keija and she was a kid raised by the thieves guild. When she comes to Thedas she kept the habit of taking people's fingers when they tried to take something off her person. Cullen and Josephine don't know how to approach her (in the beginning at least) when they find out Keija cut a recruits hand off when they reached out to touch her (after finding out she was the 'herald')

She just…cuts it off? Yikes!

Oooh okay I’m going to talk about my one of my Skyrim OCs that no one cares about. 

Zulaya is a dunmer that was raised by nords; they found her in a shipwreck and raised her as their own little dunmer warrior child. She can’t do magic for shit, but she has thighs that could crush a watermelon and can probably take your head off with a swing of her mace. 

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Hubby and I are hoping to eventually do a Stahl and Sully cosplay, so if you do make it, we’d love to cosplay with you :D

AHH YES!! More FE Awakening cosplay is ALWAYS great! : DD

I’d love to join you guys and my friends probably will as well! They’re making Nowi and Say'ri. We might have a beast-form Yarne/Panne as well

What convention are you making these for?