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Euch ist aber schon klar, dass Parteien wie die AFD nur so viel Zulauf bekommen, weil permanent kleine Hipster herum rennen und Deutschland scheiße und rassistisch nennen?

Leute, die gegen Rassismus sind, sind schuld an der AfD. AfD selber ist nicht schuld an deren Rassismus. #confirmed

The level at which you are climbing is irrelevant. Grades are pretty arbitrary numbers when you think about it– consider them only to be signposts that briefly describe what the climb might feel like to you. As long as it feels challenging and inspiring to you, it’s a worthwhile effort to project the climb. If 5.11 is that grade level, go for it. If it’s 5.6 or 5.9 or 5.12, that’s also awesome. We’re all in the beautiful struggle together.
—  “11 Tips for Climbing 5.11” Words by Zoë Zulauf