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Azula sighed as she was led into the visitor’s room.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see her brother…  Well.  Actually no.  She really didn’t want to see him.  But she needed to.  Even she knew she needed to.  Maybe some kind of closure would help with her fraying sanity, or perhaps she’d be able to convince him to help get the nurses to treat her better.   Either way, it was time to face her demons and open the door.

The door swung open and revealed to Zuko…not Azula.  Not really.  She looked like a spectre of death that was wearing her face as a mockery against Zuko.  Her skin was yellow, almost greenish with sickness.  She’d lost weight drastically, her cheeks hollow and her waist tiny and birdlike.  Dark circles had appeared under her eyes, and her once gleaming raven hair was now an ashen grey.  She had tried for one of her smugly superior and slightly cruel smiles, but the expression looked false and painted on.  She wasn’t happy.  She felt like she was dying.

“Hello, Zuzu.”


[[ I have been struck by the most glorious of plot bunnies and I would kill for a Zuko to play this with.  This is NOT an AU storyline, but rather a post-series continuation dealing with Azula and her insanity and her relationship with her brother in light of that insanity. ]]

[[ After the Agni Kai, Azula was sent to a Fire Nation mental asylum.  There, she fell into a deep, fevered sleep, much like how Zuko did in the Earth Kingdom.  When she wakes, it’s a full six months later.  The doctors thought she was probably going to die, so her waking up is a big deal, and worth writing to Zuko about.  (Who has probably been getting letters from the asylum every so often warning him about her illness and that she’s likely to die.) ]]

[[ When she wakes up, she’s got her mind sorted out, purged the poison that Ozai fed her, seems to be an all around Good Person who’s looking forward to seeing her dearly beloved big brother.  There’s just…one problem… ]]

[[ The fever / her insanity addled Azula’s memories.  Azula’s memories of her life paint her as having been Zuko’s devoted little sister the whole time.  Always loving, never lying.  Followed him into banishment.  Hunted the Avatar alongside him.  Ba Sing Se is kind of hazy, can’t quite remember what happened, but she and Zuko killed the Avatar and went home, but then they both left on the day of Black Sun, joined the Avatar, and fought against Ozai.  She believes she was injured on the day of the comet, and has been in the hospital recovering from a physical injury sustained in the final battle (against whom she’s not sure). ]]

[[ Again, this is NOT AN AU where that happened.  That is just Azula being batshit insane and remembering things wrong.  Zuko needs to come visit her, where it goes from there is up to you, whether he indulges her false memories and welcomes her home or tries to snap her out of it or some other third option I can’t even imagine…  Let’s just roll with it and see where it takes us. ]]

[[ Anyone interested? ]]

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The Enforcer chuckled softly when they saw that Zuko had his Blue Spirit mask out again.  The sound was rough and breathy–they rarely made a sound, and even now the only reason they let themselves was because they were alone.  They reached over and touched the mask reverently for a moment, then reached up and rapped their knuckles on their own helmet.

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He was paralyzed. He was beyond shocked. Anyone would know that face anywhere. He did not know what to do, but surely the Fire Lord would not want to catch himself sleeping on a mere soldier’s lap either. “Your Highness?” he whispered, but a whisper would not be enough. He cleared his throat again. “Your Highness, we need to get back.” 

zuko-the-blue-spirit started following you

“Zuko?” Azula asked in concern, staring at him in utter confusion and shock.  "Where’d you get that outfit?  And why are you wearing Fire Nation clothes anyway?“ she asked, looking him over in confusion.  Then her eyes settled on the scar, and she cried out in horror, reaching forward to try to touch it.  "Zuko?!  What happened?”