I never thought about how invested I am in some of the people that I follow on Tumblr until I heard about what happened today to zukolover13. I was just sitting on the edge of my mind hoping that she was okay. I could only image how sakibatch was feeling.

It’s mostly fun and games and I ship that Johnlock like no other, but today it became very real to me. I cried and prayed (which I rarely do) and hoped that everything was okay and I cried again, in relief this time, to hear that they were okay and together.

I wish them the best and I hope Zukolover13 makes a full recovery.

Internet huggles and kisses to them both.

;A; my watson got me dog tags from her trip n they’re so nice and it says:
“Holmes, Sherlock
221B Baker St
London, England”
And it’s giving me feels because I think I need a fic where Sherlock goes into war and John is left behind in 221B UGHHHHH MY HEART, WATSON!

"Are you crying?" she asks me. "No." "Liar."

So my girlfriend is recovering now. We’re at her dads, and she had a nice meal, and she’s lying in bed with an ice pack on her shoulder.
I’m lying next to her, practically falling off the edge of the mattress. I could care less about that. And I hug her as best I could.
And she says, “I’m glad you’re here.“
And I just feel myself getting choked up. I start crying and I don’t even care. “I’m glad *you’re* here,” I finally respond. Glad is an understatement. I can’t even begin to express how glad I am that she’s alive and breathing next to me right now.
“I love you,“ she says. I’m trembling beside her, and I swallow hard and reply, “I love you, too.” And now she’s asleep.
And I do. I love her so much. My best friend. My heart. My John to my Sherlock. She saved me. she saved me from myself so many times, driving to my house in the middle of the night when I’m unstable and prepared to do anything. She cares so much and she’s done more for me than my family ever has. And she’s so smart and beautiful and she’s perfect.
And I love her so much. So fucking much.
And to think that I could have lost her today. I could have lost my girlfriend, my best friend… Her car was totaled, yes, but she could have been killed.
God, I can’t even think about that. I don’t know what I would do. I’d be heartbroken. Devastated. I’d be so empty. I’d be gone. She’s just so… Fucking amazing I just can’t lose her.
I’m such a mess. Sorry.
I was just so alone and I owe her so much.


I would like to take you out on a so-called “date” tomorrow. I would like to make it “memorable” and “fun,” as these dating sites say they should be. I was going to suggest a nice crime scene or maybe the morgue, perhaps, but these websites recommend rubbish such as “dinner-dates” and “going-to-the-cinema.” Is this correct? That does not sound at all appealing to my interests. Or should I say, “tickle my fancy?” These websites have preposterous slogans, John…

So… would you like to…maybe…? Dinner?

- SH

Oh, god, my Watson...

So I was nervous, scared, and kinda dazed as I rose from my seat to go get in line to get called to get my diploma.
I got up and stood, waiting, and then my name got called. So I walked up, took the little booklet, sook hands with some man, and headed down the aisle.
And then I hear my name shouted at behind me. Well, I barely heard it. I wasn’t really paying attention.
And then I get hugged by my Watson, and she said something. I dunno what she said, honestly, but I think I said, “Hi, honey!”
And I kissed her on the head, and then she left.
She’s in band. So she plays the graduation music and all. And when she was walking back to her seat, her band director was pissed told her to leave and she got into trouble.
But she told me she didnt care.
I dunno. It was nice…
Thanks, honey…

I’m lying here crying over how amazing my fucking Watson is and it’s really embarrassing but it’s happening like
She’s so brilliant and amazing and she’s always there when I need someone to go to and she listens and helps and she’s so kind and funny and I’ve never had such a good of a friend as her
I don’t understand how I came to find such an amazing person that I feel I sometimes don’t even deserve she’s just the best and I’m having feelings
Like how
how can one girl be so fucking amazing?