zuko firelord

  • Zuko on a date: What is your home like?
  • Them: It was lovely until some douchebag with a ponytail burned it down.
  • Zuko stuffing his honor in his purse: That's rough, buddy.

A few symbolism notes: 

  • In the first two gifs, the Firelord is the larger figure, appearing large, and in the foreground of the shot. This symbolizes their importance, dominance, and power. 
  • Interestingly, with each succeeding shot (from Sozin, to Ozai, to Zuko) the camera gets further and further away from the Firelord (or rather, the background becomes more prominent than the foreground).
    • However, Sozin and and Ozai’s shot parallel each other more compared to the one of Zuko.
    • I also find it interesting that for Sozin, the camera is level with him, but for Ozai it’s tilted upward.
  • For Zuko’s shot in the finale, we get a bunch of symbolism that denotes him as a bringer of peace, and as someone who views all the nations as equal (Zuko isn’t the prominent figure the shot). In fact, it looks like everyone is given about equal space. 
    • Plus, we have Aang thrown in there, which gives us some more of that symbolism. Two bringers of peace standing side-by-side on equal ground. 

Zuko: “All right…*ugh*…just gotta get this…*urgh*…robe on. Get myself…all dressed for the ceremony. Gonna be crowned Firelord, and then I’m gonna hop on an airship, fly off to the Boiling Rock, and I’m going to stand in front of that warden and command him to release Mai because I am the Firelord. Totally going to walk dramatically behind him all the way to the cell block because–”

Mai: “You need some help with that?” 

Zuko: “AAAAA”

i’ve been bitten by the zutara bug once more so heres some headcanons no one asked for
  • if firelord zuko and firelady katara cant solve an issue diplomatically, they’ll both sneak out at night tsr ninja-style and solved the problem the old fashioned way. eventually when their kids get older they find out and also have to be included
  • katara often makes tea with iroh, who claims that tea tastes best when she’s involved bending the water to flatter her (i can totally see iroh lowkey flirting with her to piss zuko off tho)
  • for katara’s first birthday with zuko, he spends hours personally searching the fire palace’s ancient vaults and finds Southern waterbending scrolls to give her
  • eating together. sparring together. bathing together
  • also zuko is very invested in Southern heritage and culture and preserving and encouraging it even though they’re in the fire nation. he hires water tribe staff and advisors, and introduces new sections on the school curriculum to teach about all nations, customs and cultures. they even celebrate water tribe festivals together and honour their gods
  • of course they feed the turtle ducks together
  • as fire lady, katara has a massive role in politics, campaigning for the rights of marginalised people within the fire nation and beyond, and is a catalyst for seismic social change instead of just being the avatars gf lol im not salty
  • growing up in the rural, patriarchal South, katara never quite gets used to royal life and its perks, and is too polite to the servants to the point of awkwardness, much to the other royals’ amusement
  • she advocates for them getting pets. soon, the fire palace is brought alive by the pitter-patter of furry feet, and iroh claims it has never been better since her arrival
  • when katara is pregnant, zuko won’t let her lift a finger and frets constantly about the baby
  • katara tries smoking after being teased mercilessly by her husband for being uncultured. it’s the first and last time she smokes
  • their children wear blue and red, as well as purple. the royal family are responsible for starting a purple trend in the fire nation
  • iroh and hakoda are very close and tease their respective children mercilessly
  • they often double date with other members of the gaang. iroh regularly shows up late to these gatherings with a date of his own
  • katara loathes fire nation delicacies and introduces more mild, palatable dishes to the kitchen. the multi-cultural palace staff are eternally grateful
  • katara bemoans the dark décor of the palace and endeavours to make over the fire palace with iroh in zuko’s absence. katara thinks a hint of water tribe blue would brighten the place, as iroh tries to add earth green and air yellow to the palace. in the end, they settle on more windows and gold to replace black as katara bends more ponds in the gardens. she also hires master earthbending florists for the gardens. the palace has never looked more bright or more beautiful
  • at fire nation only events, katara dons traditional red garb with minimal blue. at multi-cultural gatherings she wears full water tribe regalia to honour her culture, and asks zuko to wear something blue also
  • they both swear by agni, as well as tui and la
  • zuko bans agni kais and discourages political marriages, using katara as an example
  • he always carries a small bottle of water with him just in case katara happens to be without her water skins
  • when she gets too homesick, he lets her to take time off (even when she refuses to) to waterbend, or visit home. as well as that, he constantly surprises her by having her family over to visit without her knowledge

feel free to add more!!!!