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The Blue Spirit Theme
Jeremy Zuckerman
The Blue Spirit Theme

Avatar: the Last Airbender - The Blue Spirit Theme


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The One With(out) a Super-Villain

“‘I don’t give a shit if I’m a supervillain, I can and will arrest you for flying while drunk; maybe I can’t put you in jail but I will absolutely tie you up in my lair until you sober up’ ‘It’s the anniversary of the worst day of my life, drinking numbs the pain and flying clears my mind, I’d like to ask you from the bottom of my heart to fuck right off’ for zutara pls”

Oh sweet anon, you gave me an idea for a love square. I will have to resist fleshing it out until The One with Cultural Differences is complete.

“Let me go!”

The words were a tad slurred and without any force. Did she fling a couple punches at him? Bat at his face like a stunningly inebriated cat? Yes. Would she probably have destroyed the face of anyone else? Also yes. Didn’t stop him from cradling her like the most precious of puppies and carting her off, on the ground and safe. He smirked as she continued to protest, words she had snapped at his civilian self ages ago floated to the forefront of his mind. “Not a chance, Painted Lady. I have a duty of care.”

“Asshole, you’re a supervillain.” She giggled. “My supervillain.”

She tried to wiggle away again - lady was water, appropriately enough, as she tried to sink out of his hold - so he tossed her a little to adjust and tighten his grip. Her one arm tightened around his neck while the other clutched at her hat - as if they both didn’t know that was more secure than the bank vaults. Still, the bit of air she got made her veil flutter, and he could catch glimpses of her delicately painted cheeks.

Too bad her eyes were a bit dulled by drink rather than alight with battle fury or passion or care.

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Some nice parallels between “The Blue Spirit,” and “The Crossroads of Destiny” that help tie our three central characters together:

  • Aang shares something in common with Zuko, who shares something in common with Katara.
  • Both Aang and Katara think they can foster a friendship with Zuko, who here views them as enemies getting in the way of his honor quest.
  • Zuko actually considers Aang’s “Do you think we could have been friends too?” line, and he reggrets betraying his uncle. 
  • While “The Blue Spirit,” is used more as foreshadowing for Zuko’s redemption, “The Crossraods of Destiny” shows the audience that Zuko doubts his decision to betray Iroh. 
  • In “The Blue Spirit,” Zuko’s need for his father’s love and approval outweighs the promise of friendship. In “The Crossroads of Destiny,” it outweighs the love he bears for his uncle (although, as I mentioned, he does show some regret). 
  • Cameras zoom parallel in the final two gifs.