zuko being a dork

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Don't imagine Zuko having a crush on Sokka. Don't imagine his getting this far off look on his face whenever he thinks about Sokka.

Don’t imagine Zuko getting all blushy and nervous and awkward (more so than usual) when Sokka’s around.

Don’t imagine Zuko purposely practicing his firebending in places that he knows Sokka likes to visit.

Don’t imagine Zuko trying to come up with (horrible) nicknames for Sokka and Sokka’s gets really confused when Zuko calls him “Coldman” (haha like opposite of hotman get it. Zuko is not very creative) and he’s like what and Zuko blushes furiously and is just, “Nothing, peasant.”

Don’t imagine Zuko finally mustering up the courage to ask Sokka if he wants…to do…an activity??? together??? and Sokka just straight-up starts laugh-crying because they’re both such horrible, awful romantics and Zuko gets really offended because he thinks Sokka is making fun of him. Sokka, still snickering, assures him that it’s not the case and that he would love to do an activity together. Zuko, unconvinced, embarrassed and mildly heartbroken turns to leave but Sokka grabs his hand. When he turns around Sokka is completely serious and tells Zuko that he would genuinely, absolutely love to do an activity together. Zuko can’t stop blushing.

Don’t imagine Zuko and Sokka being super mushy and just completely infatuated with each other, eyes lighting up whenever they look at the other. They try to hide it around the others but they are so horribly transparent that everyone is just like, “Get a room, you two!” Toph screams “Oogie!” whenever they’re around and Katara is super miffed because Sokka always made fun of her and Aang, the freaking hypocrite.

Don’t imagine them “swordbending” and Sokka is completely focused because he’s going to beat Zuko this time, dammit but Zuko is really distracted and unfocused because Sokka just took his shirt off what the hell there should be a rule against that and he kinda trips and Sokka is there with his sword pointing at his throat, all sweaty and triumphant. “Surrender,” and Zuko goes completely red because that was really hot oh no but Sokka just laughs and helps Zuko up and kisses him on the cheek. Zuko can’t say anything because his brain his inexplicably just turned to mush. Afterwards, Sokka is all cocky grins and swagger and, “Maybe I should take my shirt off more often when we spar, huh?” Zuko just rolls his eyes and says nothing but the next time he makes a point of taking his shirt off, sly grin planted on his face. Not much sparring gets done that day.



fun fact: during the beginning of his reign, zuko rehearses every speech and does impressions of the audience each time.

(and oh shit, i should’ve said no anon ‘cause now after so long you…probably won’t see this…sorry.)