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Let’s talk Voltron Theories Part 3.1: Relationships (Friends and Enemies)

Last time we were covering the romantic aspects of the relationships between the cast members. I figured I would quickly cover where the non-romantic possibilities will go in regard to the bonding of the characters.

               Shiro and Keith or Keith and Shiro:

When I started to think of their relationship from the start of the season for a while I thought that Keith was Shiro’s younger brother. However that wasn’t the case, although it might be on some level true. Keith doesn’t have any family to speak of and Shiro seems to be someone he looks up to and felt the need to find. There is a huge possibility that the reason he was expelled from the garrison in the first place came from the fact that he became unruly after Shiro was declared missing or dead, and he believed, like Pidge, that the crew was still very much alive.

Shiro also doesn’t seem to have family, or if he does we haven’t heard about them at all. This leads me to believe that the two: Keith and Shiro, must share a very tight relationship as friends, and brothers in many ways. Given how Keith went to fight Zarkon to protect Shiro and later Shiro went to save Keith, it’s clear that they care a lot for each other and have each-other’s backs.

What’s going to be interesting to me, in this case, is how that relationship is going to change if Keith or Shiro turn out to be the reason that the Galran were able to track them. Either through Shiro’s arm or the fact that Keith might be a Galran himself and not known it. Given how Keith is he may try to face things alone and Shiro might have to be the one that pulls him back to his senses. Then there’s the case if Shiro has to abandon his arm will Keith be the one to help him come back to normal or will he be so upset about the situation that Keith will go off on a mission to kill Haggar himself?

I’m darn sure that we’re not done building these two characters past and I hope we get to see more about them pre Shiro leaving for the mission.

               Shiro and Lance or Lance and Shiro

Lance is a fan boy, but we’ve seen that he has a lot of respect for Shiro as commander. He’s willing to put his life on the line for Coran when the explosion happens and then later, even when injured, he manages to pull himself up enough to shoot Sandek to distract him allowing Pidge and Shiro to defeat him. He even waits with Shiro regarding Sendak the longest while the others ditch out earlier, and he’s been shown to be the one to trust Shiro as leader even when things are out and about crazy.

Shiro it seems can tell he’s good in a fight as well as good with keeping Keith in check. He’s an idea’s guy and managed to get Keith to know what to do in order to fight some robots when they were kept from getting into a hallway. Even though Lance can be a total dork, given how Shiro trust him on some pretty important missions, he can tell Lance has a keen mind for dealing with things.  Shiro also willingly stays behind to carry Lance, and gently sets him down when he’s about to fight making sure that his team mate and friend is safe.

I have a strong feeling that at some point we’re going to see some direct bonding between these two where we’re going to get to see a more adult side to Lance and show him worthy enough to take the rank of second in command on the team. That’s just my gut on this. I’m also sure that Shiro’s going to probably be the one to help Lance deal with trust issues if that befalls him, namely either due to Keith going rogue or turning out to be a Galran or an Altean. Or the opposite can happen if Shiro is unsure of himself and Lance uses what he knows about him as a fan boy to help him get out of his funk.

               Shiro and Pidge or Pidge and Shiro

There’s already a close bond between these two. Shiro is protective of Pidge due to her family and his failure to keep them from being captured by the Galran. He’s shown time and again how he wants to keep Pidge safe, and usually goes with her when it comes to the team. It seems to me Shiro sees Katie as a sister and is just as protective of her as he is of Keith. More so given that they both have a very big task ahead of them in finding her family and bringing them home.

The thing about Pidge/Katie, is that she looks up to Shiro and also sees him as someone that she can trust with her emotions. He’s the only one that really knows what she’s going through in regard to losing her family and probably the only one that has a clue as to how hard it was to do what she did to get in that deep in the garrison.

I’m pretty sure that during this next season we’re going to see more bonding with them in various ways, and maybe even her dealing with guilt or anger with Shiro regarding what happened to Matt and her father. Or she’s going to help him deal with the guilt that he’s going through and could maybe help pull him out of a rut that he falls into at some point.

               Shiro and Hunk or Hunk and Shiro

These two NEED some bonding to happen. With all the other characters we’ve got a good handle on Shiro’s relationship with them, but Hunk and Shiro haven’t had enough time together. They were linked up during the food fight, but other than that they haven’t spent enough time together. Though Shiro does seem to believe in Hunk’s intuition and trust him when it comes to dealing with other people that they meet. Given the situation with Rolo and Nyma, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shiro asks Hunk to talk to others before making a move about trusting them or not.

As for Hunk, well he’s not a fan boy of Shiro, so that’s actually a plus in them getting to know each other better in a different way. Hunk has no expectations of Shiro and Shiro can certainly learn from Hunk about the others from another view point. I sincerely hope that we see more of these two working together to help out the team since we have at least three people that may need some caring at different points in the story.

               Shiro and Allura or Allura and Shiro

Space Dad and Space Mom as people seem to like to call them. We saw them working well together during the last two episodes and we know that they can seem to plan as great as any pairing. I would though like to see more of a friendship bloom between these two as the series progresses. It’s clear that Shiro respects Allura as the princess and head of this mission. She knows about Voltron and how it works and more about their enemy or space then he does and he’s clearly impressed with her abilities not only as a skilled pilot of the ship but also in how she managed to handle getting the information. I get the feeling that once the team is back together he’s going to work with her on dealing with a fight directly.

Allura clearly has a lot of respect for Shiro, automatically giving him the most important lion in the bunch as well as being willing to speak up for herself with him when he was objecting to her going on the mission. She trust him, even with his missing memories, so that shows that there’s already a level of understanding between them. I’m pretty sure that in future episodes we’re going to get more about the planet of Altea and this will be learned through Shiro’s eyes as Allura explains things to him. The other factor that she’s willing to go rescue him shows that she cares greatly about the team and is willing to sacrifice herself for the cause she believes in something that, I think, Shiro really does admire about her.

               Shiro and Coran or Coran and Shiro

You wouldn’t think that this guy and Shiro would get along all that much. But it seems like Shiro really does look to Coran to be someone to give him advice. Shiro knows Coran, under all that goofiness, is a strong military strategist who knows his stuff. He trust Coran to take Hunk with him for the crystal and also believes in his training regiments to get them to form Voltron. Even when Shiro has lost hope, and apologizes to Coran over the loss of the princess, he respects Coran’s feelings enough to promise him to get her back. This isn’t a moment of bravado from Shiro, it’s a genuine moment of trying to apologize for losing someone special to Coran. This adds to the weight of his guilt over losing Matt and their father for Pidge.

Coran sees in Shiro a great leader. It’s why he pushes the team so hard and compliments Shiro so much. He sees him as the person he can trust, and shows it when Allura wants to go on the mission. He knows that Shiro and the group will protect her with their life, and seeing how good a leader Shiro is, he knows that they will be able to get out of a mess. When dealing with the fight he worried about Shiro as well as Allura and his discussion with Shiro when Allura is missing clearly shows that he’s willing to show weakness in front of Shiro, indicating that he trusts him in understanding Coran’s feelings.

I hope we do get more Coran and Shiro moments in the series as it progresses. Seeing these two working as a team would be a great bit for the show as well. If Shiro does lose his arm, I can see Coran working hard with him to get him back into shape so he can take over the lion again.

               Keith and Lance or Lance and Keith

On to Keith whose hot headed tactics are useful at times, but also could lead to trouble. In the series thus far we’ve seen these two grow up so much. Prior to Shiro’s arrival we knew that Lance saw Keith as his rival, but Keith didn’t know he existed. This has changed, even as it’s stayed the same. Lance being the Sokka type and Keith being a cross between Mako and Zuko at points, and having their personality merge and clash. For Keith, Lance is someone that gets under his skin, yet he trust him enough to see past the dorky aspects and respects him enough to follow his lead on things. Such as with the hall way situation. Also when they were flying with the lion, even though he complained about things, he let Lance do his thing and it worked out well. As far as Keith is concerned they have bonded, seeing as he pointed out they had a bonding moment. Even when Lance is hurt, Keith is just as worried as the others are, but knowing he can’t do much offers to find out what’s going on with the princess with the Arusian village. Keith also went to check on Lance first when he came into the room to see if he was alive and kicking.

Lance for his part is still seeing Keith as a bit of a rival. He wants to be better than him, and it does push him somewhat, but also he sees the good in Keith’s skills. When they’re tasked with closing the doors, he actively asks Keith to come over and help, and then he comes up with a plan that uses Keith’s fighting abilities to get them past guards. He also recognizes Keith’s skills as a pilot, noting that Keith is the best, even if it’s something that he begrudges. For all his “forgetting” their bonding moment, it’s clear that he’s teasing Keith about it, as to show he’s not going to be “soft” on him. While they do fight, the fighting through the series has been lessening, and showing that they’re at least on the track to be close friends.

The thing about their friendship is that I think it might be tested should Keith turn out to be Galran, or at least half. Either Lance is going to have to learn to trust him again, or there’s going to be a case where Lance has to knock some sense into Keith about them being friends and that it doesn’t matter what, or who he is, he’s still part of the team. I’m darn sure that in the second season we’re going to see more of their rivalry come out in more positive ways, even if they keep fighting now and then.

               Keith and Pidge or Pidge and Keith

So we know that Keith figured Pidge out to be a girl, and he still treats her the same as always. They work well as a team. Keith and pidge were locked up via the bracelets and managed to fling a lot of food as a pair over the others who were throwing with spoons and other utensils. It’s clear that Keith trust her with her robotic skills and does worry about her when it came to her being in the ship alone with Sendek, injured Shiro and lance, and he voices that concern to allura. We’ve also seen that he respects her skills as a tech person, asking her about situations in regard to what was happening on the ship. Thing is that Keith isn’t really the sort to get close to others, so the fact that he’s even able to get that off of pidge is pretty telling about his small bond with her.

As for pidge, I think she sees his skills being a pilot as well as her wing man in a lot of ways. They both make up the arm, and if anyone can eventually understand the loss of family it’s probably going to be Keith since he doesn’t have a family. For Katie there’s a friendship there to be had, but sadly they haven’t given them any real bonding moments for the two arms to work as a team. Although apparently Keith is certainly the one that points out her selfishness at the moment when she’s trying to leave. Which gets her for a moment to feel like she’s being attacked.

I hope by next season we get to see more Pidge and Keith working together to show that their different way of thinking can benefit the other in various ways. There’s probably going to be issues there if he is Galran and Katie may have to come to terms with that, but I think it will help make them a stronger pair of friends in the end if they go that route. We did get to see some softer moments between them in that Keith was the one that openly welcomes her back to the team and gives her a smile, something he doesn’t do often.

               Keith and Hunk or Hunk and Keith

These two, like Shiro and Hunk, need to bond more. Hunk doesn’t have any expectations of Keith at all and this is shown in the first episode. For Hunk Keith is just cool. He’s a cadet that has proven himself and his skills and he respects that. There’s not a lot of connections between them at the moment and that needs to change since for Voltron to work as a show there needs to be deep friendships between the main characters, especially in this day and age in animated cartoons.

For Keith he seems to trust Hunk in regard to how he views others, and follows along with Hunk in regard to Shay and her people. Again they don’t know enough about one another so there’s clearly a need for these two to bond in some way that pushes them beyond just team mates. I’d like to see Keith learning from Hunk about how to deal with his past, and maybe more about Hunk’s past, his family, friends, anything. We’re right now at a pretty blank slate when it comes to Hunk, but Keith might be a good way of showing off different sides of Hunk in general and vice versa.

               Keith and Allura or Allura and Keith

Again there isn’t much to go on here. Keith and Allura have had really only one time working as a team when they went to the Arusian village and found out about the fire there was a distraction. Allura was worried for him when he dropped down into the village, calling out to him when he went down there. Later they worked in conjuction with Pidge and Shiro and Lance, to take down Sendek. It’s clear that the two planned how to get Sendak trapped between shots. What would have been nice is a few moments outside with them talking and figuring things out. Although that might have been due to the actor time for recording due to working on Walking Dead. However what we do get is a sense that he sees her as a strong leader for her people.

The trouble with Allura and Keith is that for Allura it seems she relies more on the likes of Shiro, since he his team leader. As far as friendships go we’ve seen Keith bond with the others in small bits here and there, but with Allura we haven’t seen it, and for her she seems to see him as the fighter of the team. For me it would be nice to see more of them interacting to show different sides of Keith and Allura. If he is alien she might be able to help him deal with that fact and change his way of thinking of matters in regard to who he is or at least where he came from.

Honestly I’m wondering how they’re going to build the character up in the next season as we’ve seen building with some of the characters but Keith needs it and I do think Allura would be a good opposite to him in regard to getting his hot headedness mellowed somewhat. At least I hope we get a few episodes where she works with him again, this time with more dialogue between the two to grow them as characters and work into building the team.

               Keith and Coran or Coran and Keith

Like Allura there’s been very little between Keith and Coran as far as solo bonding is concerned. While it’s clear that Coran does see Keith’s skills as a fighter something valuable, we don’t know of the connection between these two. Coran shows respect for the team in his own way, allowing pidge to work on the crystals and change the lions, Hunk to make meals, Shiro as leader and lance has had the most bonding along with Hunk for Coran. Keith, however hasn’t, which brings up to a question of why? We know that Keith likes Coran and trusts him, but we don’t get much more than that. And vice versa for Coran.

I do think that next season they’re going to have to start working on solo bonding with the characters and Keith and Coran could be an interesting thing to show the opposite nature of the two. Keith needs someone at times to guide him, as he seems to go off when he’s not happy about something and Coran is clearly a capable leader in his own right showing that he can handle the younger man’s nature if need be. So I’m hoping for a moment or two where we have Coran working with Keith to deal with some sort of issue, or at least something ala, lance where the two are cleaning or just talking.

               Lance and Pidge or Pidge and Lance

When Katie was remembering their first meeting she mentioned that she wasn’t there enough for the team and is working to rectify that. One thing of importance is that Lance never stopped trying to be friends with her. He purposely planned on taking her and Hunk out after hours for fun so that they could bond more as a team. So it’s clear that, despite Lance not realizing Pidge was a girl, he still saw a reason to be friends with her. For lance Pidge is someone that he knows he can rely on and is helpful to him. He thanked her for the help after his time healing up, and then later we see him working with her in keeping Hunk safe from attack. He knows she knows her stuff, and he’s outright trusting of her.

On the side of Pidge, while she clearly think he’s a dork who’s a total flirt, she also knows he’s someone that has their backs. During the time that they were in the garrison she clearly respected his skills as a flyer and never knocked him too hard for it. Also she’s the first one to mention he needs to be healed right away, showing that she cares about him as much as the others do. Not to mention the fact that she’s friendly enough with him to whack him with the robot, showing that she likes him enough to actually be physical with him on a friendly level.

I would like to see more of these two working as a team. We know that Keith and Lance work well, but Pidge and Lance could be formidable with his charisma and her skills as a tech person. Playing spies could be an interesting bonding experience for them as it would give him a chance to get to know pidge more seeing that he was the only one that didn’t figure out she was female. I think it would also help him and her in the sense of family and Pidge might understand, along with Hunk, the feeling of missing home that Lance is having.

               Lance and Hunk or Hunk and Lance

Right off the bat these two seem to be best friends. When Lance was hurt Hunk was willing to go with Coran to get the crystal to help him. Also the two worked well when they were sent to hunt down Hunk’s lion. Lance trust Hunk a lot, even when he get’s motion sickness and he clearly worries about Hunk when Hunk throws himself into the fight to get Allura. Hunk probably was Lance’s first friend at the garrison, and Hunk seems to follow along after Lance’s darkish ways. Outright agreeing with him about classes that he clearly likes being boring, even though he seems to be as much of a tech head as pidge is. Lance also trust Hunk enough to want to take him with for the bonding session that they were going to have, so there’s that.

On the other end Hunk hugs Lance when he’s out of the chamber first. He’s also seems to follow along after what Lance is doing and trusts his judgement for the most part. Though he does voice concern about going after Shiro and later when lance is covering him while he’s looking for the Lion. Still Hunk and Lance worry about one another to the point where Lance freaks out when he thinks Hunk is dead. On top of this Hunk is probably one of the only ones that gets Lance’s feelings about wanting to return home as Lance and Hunk seem to be the only two that have a normal family, save for Pidge who’s just missing hers. It’s important to note too that the duo does seem to work well on the jokes and Lance does want to protect Hunk.

My hope is that we get more on their past, how they met and became friends at the garrison, as well as see them dealing with their own families and issues. Please note that it would be nice to see them as a duo team at some point, other than the first three episodes and showing that Lance and Hunk can work things out just as well as the others can. Or have those two save the others at some point.

               Lance and Allura or Allura and Lance

Lance is smitten with Allura, but he also respects her and is impressed with her skills. He talks about her with the others showing he’s comfortable with his crush on her around Pidge and Hunk, but also he’s shown that he’s willing to protect her with the others from attack. He’s also worried about her during the time she’s captured.

Allura gets annoyed with him easily, and they have a nice banter when he’s trying to flirt with her. However they haven’t interacted enough as a duo to really get to know one another, although Allura does show worry when Lance comes past her dejected and then later when he’s badly hurt. What I’m hoping for is that by next season we can see more with the two of them becoming friends. No doubt Lance will keep on with his crush on her, but we may get to see different sides of him around her.

What would be nice is if the two had to work in some royal setting where Lance has to pretend to be some rich guy with Allura since he’s the one with the biggest mouth and could probably pull off pretending to be a bratty rich guy over the others. Sadly we don’t get much of the two of them in solo moments, which needs to come about in next season for sure.

               Lance and Coran or Coran and Lance

Lance has bonded the most with Coran, showing to the strategist that he’s more than just the funny flirty guy. During the quiet moment between them Lance shared with Coran his worries and the fact that he was missing home. Something he didn’t let on to the others as much, since he’s trying to keep up an appearance. It’s clear from their discussion that Lance has a lot of respect for Coran, even if he gets annoyed with him, and Coran looks to be trying to train Lance to be possibly Shrio’s second seeing as he’s having him get used to understanding the ship more than the others. In their talk Lance let’s Coran see a lot of his softer side, and Coran is actually willing to listen and understand, explaining that, he too misses his home and tries to find similarities between their worlds. Lance also willingly saves Coran’s life when the bomb goes off and also tries to keep the ship protected when they break apart as Voltron.

Coran for his part sees Lance’s skills and is clearly taking a liking to the blue lion paladin. He’s willing to go and risk his life to save Lance’s with getting the crystal. As stated above Coran takes the time to work with Lance the most, talking about his past and trying to bond with the younger man. It does lead to some very funny moments, but also some tender ones as well.

I’d like to see more of these two working together, even if it’s on some sort of silly mission or just cleaning up more. It’s clear that the team really sees a lot of chemistry between these two and I hope next season we get to see more with that going on.

               Pidge and Hunk or Hunk and Pidge

Pidge and Hunk are a pair alright. We’ve seen that Pidge is willing to help Hunk with situations, such as with the food machine going crazy, and she’s also willing to have him help her try to fix the issues when they lose gravity. Working as a team they seem to have good chemistry as friends and it’s clear that Hunk can and does understand what she’s talking about when she goes tech.

Hunk on the other hand has a close trust with pidge, both covering for the other at times, and he understands her need to go home when Keith is berating her about it. Also even when he’s being sick on the ship pidge is trying to help him out in various ways, and vice versa. It would be nice to see how they could play off one another in a more serious situation during a fight. I’m hoping to see more of the different sides of Pidge with the other guys and certainly with Hunk, given that he read her diary and knows more about the situation with her father based on that fact.

               Pidge and Allura or Allura and Pidge

Ever since finding out about Pidge being a girl it seems like Allura wants to bond with her, and it’s clear that Pidge cares a lot for the princess. She was worried when Allura was captured as well as during the time the Ship went awol. Given that these two are a bit like Katara and Toph in nature I’m pretty sure we’re going to see more bonding between them. Allura wanting to learn more about Earth though Pidges eyes would be a great thing as well as Pidge learning more about the tech and languages with the help of Allura.

Having them work side by side would be great too, other than over the communication aspect. It would be nice to see a down time episode with them and showing different sides to our two female leads. Allura can see that Pidge is one of the brightest members of the team and shows it in her own way to Pidge and Pidge shows admiration and optimism to Allura, even when she’s considering leaving.

               Pidge and Coran and Pidge or Pidge and Coran

These two haven’t really worked together yet so there’s not much I can say. Coran denotes Pidge at first by height and then later sees her for her skills and inventiveness. It’s clear that he has a lot of respect for her as a Paladin and a scientist, allowing her to work on the lions and the crystal when it was poisoned.

Pidge on the other hand, hasn’t said a lot about Coran in general. Their interactions are limited to when they are in a group so there is a need for a solo mission with the two. What would be nice would be to have Pidge and Coran having to work on a ship or something of the like together.

               Hunk and Allura or Allura and Hunk

Hunk hasn’t had any solo time with the princess. True he started the food fight, but that’s about it, and most of the time he’s with her they’re in a group. Honestly for this case I would say there needs to be some solo time, although Allura trusts Hunk with his Intel about the Balmora and in his feelings about how to save Shay and her people.

Again it would be nice to have solo missions with them so that we can get a different view on both Hunk and Allura. Given the nature of Hunk’s personality, if anyone can help the princess deal with her issues and keep her cheered up, it’s probably him. I’m hoping to at least see one episode where they’re together other than working as a team to rescue Shiro. Although it should be noted that Hunk being willing to dive in first to save Allura was impressive to her and she was really glad to see him. Showing that she knows he’s a great fighter as well, and she believes in him when they’re dealing with Haggar to rescue Shiro.

               Hunk and Coran or Coran and Hunk

These two are great together. We see that Coran sees Hunk as strong and fit, something Hunk seems to be nervous about regarding the suits they have to wear. When they are off world we see Hunk go to Coran for ideas, as well as Coran trusting Hunk and Pidge’s inventions on the pod that they’re flying. Hunk gets to see a different side to Coran and Coran shares a lot with Hunk about his past and his days when he used to go get the crystals with the King.

Hunk on the other hand shares some of his emotional side as well as trusting nature with Coran. He gets him to realize aspects of their situation and show they have a lot of good strong team work. Hunk to me has a lot to learn from Coran as a person and Coran has a lot to teach Hunk. Being that Hunk is already a good judge of character no doubt Coran could get him to learn more on how to hone those skills in diplomatic ways. We’ve seen that Hunk can be a good diplomat when he befriends Shay and her family, and Coran notices this at once, making his plans interesting.

Hopefully we’ll get another bang up episode with these two working together and showing more to their growing friendship.

               Allura and Coran or Coran and Allura

Coran was clearly someone the king trusted, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he cares deeply for Allura. What I want to see is about their past. We know they work well together and King Alfor picked Coran for a reason to help his daughter out, so that aspect would be nice to see. Coran sees Allura as a great ruler, someone that can grow into the role and save the worlds, one at a time. He knows she’s stronger then she thinks and with Voltron he figures she’ll be able to go on for a long time.

Allura sees Coran as family. He’s the last one of her kind that she knows about and someone that she depends on and trusts. He’s able to save her when the others can’t reach her, and he of all people understands her pain and loss when she loses her father again. We see when he’s on his mission she’s worried about him too, even as she’s dealing with issues of her own and she knows that he’s able to handle the ship on his own and trusts him with her life.

I’m betting that we will get a past episode with these two, covering Coran’s life before they got stuck in the tubes and probably more about his connection to the King. Who was he to him and why did he trust him so much.

For the Enemies here I just figured I’d lay down some questions because, well it’s hard to judge just what their plans are.

               Zarkon to the team

First off I’m assuming that there’s some sort of connection between the late king and Zarkon himself. It’s clear that something happened to make him go rouge. Keith is clearly struggling with the man, as we see his anger come out at Pidge when she tries to leave, so this is more personal to him as far as fighting is concerned. Zarkon doesn’t seem to know who he is, but Keith may have an idea that he isn’t human 100% and he wants Zarkon dead for some reason or another. Again my only theory right now is that Keith may be Lotar or maybe blood to Zarkon but it’s up in the air till we get more information on that.

As for Shiro and Zarkon, it’s hard to miss the fact that Shiro got ejected from the lion, meaning that Zarkon may still be worthy to fly it. Why, we don’t know, and it’s a bit troublesome if that’s the case. Zarkon has plans with that lion and the team and clearly isn’t happy that Shiro is now manning his previous beast.

Zarkon to Pidge probably is going to be a situation of epic proportions. He doesn’t know she’s around yet, and when he does the question is, will he use that for his own purposes. Katie just wants to get her family back, but Zarkon doesn’t strike me as the sort to allow that to happen. So we’re probably not going to see her family whole any time soon, and Zarkon will make sure of that, or force her to chose between family and duty to her team.

As for Lance and Hunk, there may be temptation there to send them both home, but I don’t see Zarkon playing a huge role in their story so much as other characters to come later. Hunk is more annoyed right now by Zarkon for screwing over the worlds, while Lance just wants to find a way to keep his friends and probably his family safe from all the danger that probably will come after them.

For Allura and Coran this is a personal battle one that could have some interesting consequences. How much did her father know about Zarkon’s connection to the lion, or does Allura know about that? Did she know he had it, and was she lying to the team? And what does Coran known that she doesn’t about him. Clearly he probably was around when Zarkon was the leader of the Voltron team and has a clue what happened. For that matter could Coran have been the blue Lion’s paladin?

               Haggar to the team.

As I said in the general section I really do believe that Haggar may be allura’s mother. Or at least related to her in some way. It’s clear she was surprised to see her out of her cell and she seems to have a look that is a lot like Coran and Allura in design. So it’s up in the air about this. I might do a longer piece on just this factor when we get more time to do it.

Haggar and Shiro has something going on there. She did something horribly traumatic to him to cause the hair to change color on his head. Not to mention he’s having PSTD and lord knows what else is going on with him. The fact that she took his appearance to throw him off while fighting. Her way of speaking to him shows that there’s a personal investment in him and an anger in him leaving her. So we’re more than likely going to see these two duke it out again at another time.

Haggar to the rest of the team, isn’t quite as big as the other two I mentioned. She’s a danger to them that for sure, question remains how she’s going to hurt them. She was mad enough to cause the magic to change the wormhole, but what the heck did they do to her to make her want to kill them more then Zarkon?

               Sendek and Shiro

I mention this only because it’s not that large of a jump to see that Sendek is very much someone that wants to Rival Shiro. We think he’s dead, but is he? Mir has pulled this stunt before with other characters and I’m sure that they probably will have something up their sleeves for this guy? My best bet is that Sendek is going to haunt Shiro a lot now that he’s missing and probably will become an issue in the future as the series progresses. Either a real threat or one that Shiro’s just imagining as his memories come back.

               Thrace as an ally to the team.

It’s up in the air exactly who disabled the barrier and let the ship go.  Thrace is a possible person as we see him with the knife at the end, but why is he helping them? Does he see the error in their ways or is he really just wanting to free his people?

Firebenders are flaming hot... I can't even

So a few years back, I stumbled upon this show called Avatar: The Last Airbender. And I thought “Okay, these kids do these cool bending stuff…" 

Suddenly… BAM!

It’s like he’s the spark in my life. I might just cry and die at this beautiful creature. I just want to do dirty things to that smexy ass voice.

Then Legend of Korra started… and I seriously thought that they weren’t going to have a sexy firebender because it’d be too obvious after the beautifulness that is Prince Zuko.

But I was wrong. I was VERY wrong…

Mako is… another HOT FIREBENDER?!?!? Let the tears of happiness flow…

So then I screamed like Gollum on pop rocks that there was NO WAY the creators can make the firebenders any sexier…

"Oh HAIIIII… I’m General Iroh. I have my grandfather's sexy as shmuck voice….”

*sniffles* This is not happening… Not again… Please no… Don’t do this to me again…

Moral of the story: I used to have ovaries until the Fire Nation attacked. those beautiful bitches.