zuko and iroh hug

I was going to write a thing about male characters in ATLA getting more protective hugs than their female counterparts, like how Hakoda hugs Sokka in “Bato of the Water Tribe”:

And how Iroh first hugs Zuko in the finale:

But I feel like I might be wrong, and speaking too soon since I haven’t finished the series and made all my screenshots yet, given how we still get hugs like:

So, I think a more reasonable think to say would be that the Avatar franchise isn’t afraid of showing male characters showing emotion, or being affectionate–whether that feeling be platonic, familial, or romantic. 

I’m not sure how else to word it, but I really like that breaking of traditional gender norms because in any other show, characters like Sokka and Zuko would be considered too old to cry, or too old to receive the sort of protective hug that their father figures give them. 

That, or it would be considered unmanly. 

So, I like how Avatar moves beyond that, showing that we’re all prone to these emotions, and its totally ok to have them. 


One of the most powerful and compelling aspects of Zuko’s story is how he keeps making choices and mistakes that don’t hurt just him, but the ones who love him. But because they love him, they are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to save him, all without demanding anything in return. They don’t ask Zuko to come and fix the problems they find themselves in, because they made their sacrifices to keep him alive so that he could do the right thing and learn his lesson. They ask for no apologies, they give no tasks to perform, and they don’t judge Zuko because he can’t accomplish something–they love Zuko for who he is. They protect him, they support him, and they forgive him in a world that has constantly made him fight for everything he wants. 

It’s beautiful.

Goodbye to Uncle Iroh

i had a pretty intense dream last night
it took place on stage in the musical of the avatar world. (a serious one not the funny one lol) taking place a little bit after the main series ended when the chatacters were a bit older

it was the scene where uncle iroh died and joined the spirit world. it was also the crescendo or one of the final songs of the musical

the way it was set was the main characters, aang then katara, sokka, toph, suki, zuko and iroh were all walking up a circle staircase over and over. growing older each time they went around n saw the audience again while music played

then iroh wasnt there for one revolution. he had vanished really suddenly too and we didnt see where he went. zuko knew without even looking back n ran back down screaming “uncle! uncle where are you?”

at the bottom he got to this room where the bridge between life and death was there
zuko ran out appearing on one side and irohs spirit was there on the other side
they couldnt speak to eachother but they could see eachother
and the bridge was clearly open to either side but neither could walk to the other

zuko was clearly upset but couldnt speak and paced back n forth on his side clearly crying

and when he stopped the song started.

a final farewell between zuko and iroh and i cant remember anything about it except it was somber but powerful with iroh not able to do or say much but echo zukos lines back to him

in the dream i was onstage as various characters but here in this part i was katara

as the main characters slowly trickled in i remember that there was a lot of us. like there was me as katara on one side and another girl as katara on the other side. each had a mirror like zuko to iroh in stage positon and me and other katara were first to stand in position n light blue candles using waterbending? or something to show it was the bridge between the life/human world n death/spirit world

the most powerful part came in when the musical did something it wasnt supposed to

we all started joining in the song, when it was supposed to be just zuko n iroh. each person echoing a different part in a thunderous chorus

if i had to compare the tone n song itself it was halfway between Shadowland from Lion King and Will I Lose My Dignity from Rent. it was powerful yknow? wish i could remember but the lyrics they were basically zukos rememberences of memories they shared. and if a character was present for that they also each echoed that line, so it was especially beautiful when only zuko or zuko and iroh sung cuz that was a moment only they had together like when iroh forgived zuko n hugged him

it ended when iroh walked away into the blue light n zuko could no longer hear his echoes, singing as he went

and then i woke up and went DAMN.

so yeah that was quite a dream lol

Earth ending episode thoughts:

  • Toph is so excited about Iroh and it’s adorable
    • Okay and why wasn’t the first thing out of Tops’s mouth to the boys “hey, so I’m a metalbender, nbd”
  • The Zutara bonding is real and it’s perfect and yay
    • “you’re a terrible person, you know that? always following us, hunting the avatar, trying to capture the world’s last hope for peace. but what do you care, you’re the fire lord’s son, spreading war and violence and hatred is in your blood”
    • “you don’t know what you’re talking about”
    • “i don’t!? how dare you? you have no idea what this war has put me through! me personally! the fire nation took my mother away from me”
    • “I’m sorry. that’s something we have in common”
  • Aang and Iroh are broTP #1
  • Ty Lee is so in to Sokka and it’s life
    • “I’m kinda involved with Suki”
    • “who?”
    • … “mm, it’s like we’re dancing together”
  • More Zutara:
    • “i’m sorry i yelled at you before”
    • “it doesn’t matter”
    • “it’s just that for so long now whenever i would imagine the face of the enemy… it was your face”
    • “my face?” *touches scar* “i see”
    • “no, no, that’s not what i meant”
    • “it’s okay. i used to think that this scar marked me. the mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the avatar forever. but lately, i’ve realized i’m free to determine my own destiny, even if i’ll never be free of my mark”
    • “maybe you could be free of it”
    • “what?”
    • “i have healing abilities”
    • “it’s a scar. it can’t be healed”
    • “this is water from the spirit oasis at the north pole. it has special properties, so i’ve been saving it for something important. i don’t know if it would work, but…”
    • *bows head*
    • *touches scar*
    • *suddenly a wild Aang smashes through the wall and ruins everything*
    • “Aang!” *runs and hugs Aang*
    • *Aang glares at Zuko*
    • *Iroh hugs Zuko*
    • *Zuko glares at Aang*
  • Freaking Azula trying to change my precious cinnamon roll back into a sinnamon roll
  • ZUKO WTF!!! NO!
    • “i thought you had changed” *bends water*
    • “i have changed” *bends fire*
  • Busco is saved
    • Mai: “just take the bear” <<she’s such a stick in the mud :/
  • Avatar State Mothafcka
    • or not…
  • IROH!?!
  • ZUKO SAVE HIM!! SAVE HIM NOW!! …please
    • “we’ve done it, Zuko. it’s taken a hundred years, but the Fire Nation has conquered Ba Sing Se”
    • “i betrayed uncle”
    • “no, he betrayed you. …Zuko, when you return home, father will welcome you as a war hero”
    • “but i don’t have the avatar, what if father doesn’t restore my honor?”
    • “he doesn’t need to, Zuko. today, you restored your own honor”
    • *looks away*
  • “the Earth Kingdom has fallen”

ultiman73  asked:

What is your single most favorite moment of any show you've ever watched?

That’s a really hard question. 

I can tell you my favorite moments from my favorite cartoons

Gravity Falls: The entire episode of “Not What He Seems” is incredible. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire thing!

Avatar The Last Airbender: I have SO many when it comes to Avatar but I think the scene where Iroh sings ln the Tales of Ba Sing Se and the scene where Zuko apologies to Iroh and they hug. I cry so much at both of those scenes.

Steven Universe: This is also a really hard one but I think the scene where Garnet sings Stronger Than You. That was such a big moment for the show and such a big moment for the fans. 

Over The Garden Wall: Any time Greg talks! He’s so hilarious! But also the scene where the Woodsman finds out what the trees actually are. Fantastic, emotional acting and a heartbreaking scene