zuko and azulas mom

MY FULL COLLECTION OF AVATAR TAROT( I only did the major arcana … maybe I’ll do the rest …maybe )


I like how Zuko immediately goes from being all “hey mom, watch me mimic Azula,” to “oh crap, I should not have done that. I did not mean to hurt the turtleducks.” 

It definitely says something about Zuko. He’s not the type of person that hurts others, but the Fire Nation keeps sending him the opposite message: “You must use force to show strength. If you don’t, you are weak. Also, mercy is stupid and childish.” 

Based on @lordzuuko‘s Voltron Family AU (specifically this post) The whole thing is super cute and I’m in love

If you can’t tell they are dressing as the Fire Nation Royal Family from Avatar 
Lance = Zuko
Hunk = Iroh 
Keith = Ursa (Zuko’s mom) 
Shiro = Firelord Ozi 
Pidge = Azula 

Draw a beard on a child is super weird lmfao

On Azula, Turtleducks, and the Powers of Assumption

I’m in the midst of working through an Azula meta (heavily featuring Zuko), and I got stuck on a side-tangent that is simply too wordy to leave in. So I’ve decided to make a separate post on it! Enjoy!

This essay was written with the help of incidentalpiratess

In 2x07 Zuko Alone,we get flashbacks told through Zuko’s eyes. One of these flashbacks includedthe infamous turtleduck scene, which people have used as a basis of understandingfor Azula’s character. In this scene, Zuko says to his mom, “Hey Mom, want to see how Azula feeds turtle ducks?” after which point, he forcibly throws a loaf of bread at a baby turtleduck’s head. Ursa expresses her disapproval, the mother turtleduck bites Zuko, Ursa puts the biting turtleduck back into the water, and Zuko says “Stupid turtle duck. Why she’d do that?” Ursa then explains that’s how moms respond when you “mess with their babies.”

I think overall the intent of this scene was to characterize Ursa’s very protective relationship to Zuko. Part of what I’m finding is that Zuko and Azula reacted to Ozai’s abusive treatment differently; Azula learned not to show weakness, to control and manipulate, and to overall take on a callous and cruel demeanor…traits her father valued. By doing so, Azula was able to escape his wrath and seemingly earned his approval (though Book 3 made it clear he held no true affection for her). Zuko, on the other hand, opted to place himself under Ursa’s protection, showing no tendencies towards cruelty or stoicism. Ursa’s line about mothers is congruous with this pattern of behavior, which is why the turtleduck scene helps paint such a vivid picture of our fire prince and princess.

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I received a messenger hawk from the fire nation capitol promoting me to admiral and ordering me to text post all LOK and ATLA villains.

I actually don’t think anyone’s done a text post set for ozai the asshole firelord, which is a shame because he’s ripe for parody.

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Zaheer and the Red Lotus


Tarrlok and Amon

Azula is next


the klk x avatar crossover that was meant to be:  worst klk fam as worst avatar fam

ragyo as fire lord ozai

satsuki as zuko

nui as azula

absent dad isshin as absent mom ursa lmao

the parallels are too real they’re causing me emotional pain

even though they look like mai and ty lee, satsuki and nui are totally zuko and azula.  satsuki is smarter than zuko, so I figure she’d try and manipulate the fire nation from the inside instead of making a well-intentioned but poorly thought-out scene.   (does this mean she doesn’t get a scar?  i wouldn’t count on it).  her and zuko’s wardrobe are pretty much 1:1.

nui is more outwardly vicious and unstable compared to azula; she’s much more unpredictable.  she was born after isshin left, and no one knows who her father is (if there was one at all that is.  rumour is that ragyo is real friendly with the spirits).  she might not be a valid successor to the throne, which is the source of some jealousy and inadequacy.

ragyo and ozai are both cruel, power-hungry, and domineering.  ragyo’s flames are multicoloured because of course they are.  I wanted to give her ozai’s robes for recognizability but i also wanted to retain ragyo’s opulence and flair so i referenced ursa’s outfits as well.


My mother showed up in the mirror this morning and told me to make a text post set for each major ATLA and LOK villain, including Her Royal Fieryness, Princess Azula.

Thanks mom.

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