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This sequence takes place after we hear the backstory behind Aang’s running away and Zuko’s scar. Through their respective stories, we learn how both their lives have changed as a result of their actions and the actions of the people around them. After Zuko saves his crewman and the Gaang saves Sokka and the fisherman, we’re treated to this little framing sequence which helps connect our hero Aang to our anti-villain Zuko. In this sequence, Aang looks down at Zuko, while Zuko looks up at Aang, both unaware of the other’s story, and unaware of any possible connection that they may have. 

I kind of like to think that this is a sort of lead up to Aang’s “if we knew each other back then…” moment in the next episode. Aang lost all of his airbender friends–maybe he had been contemplating that particular thought since “The Storm”? 

Actually, what if his retelling his story to Katara made him think of Kuzon, which is what makes him want to look down at Zuko in the above sequence?


Zuko, meanwhile, is actually thinking for once by deciding not go all Captain Ahab in the storm, instead realizing that the safety of his crew is more important than his hunt for the Avatar. Even so, we see him look up at Aang with the same fierce determination that drives him throughout the first two seasons. 

66. Zuko has secretly been taking pain killers because of the pain he’d started to feel a year after the war had ended. Zuko refused to let healers examine his scar,and his uncle grew concerned. Eventually Iroh messaged Katara about him. When she arrives in the Fire Nation, she is livid, but only to hide her shame that she hadn’t managed to heal him properly the first time.

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Firelord Izumi Week August 9 - 16

Hello hotmen and ghotmen!

Just a friendly reminder that Firelord Izumi Week is less than two weeks away.

One quick note: Day 4′s Turtleducks theme has been changed to Animal Companions so that we can get fan art and fan fics of Izumi with Druk, Appa, Momo etc. 

Firelord Izumi Week Schedule: 

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Day 6: Firelord Izumi (For after Izumi’s ascent, including the part of the timeline that overlaps with LOK)
Day 7: Legacies (For the end of an era/old age)

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[Zutara Week Day 7]: Maelstrom

So Zutara Week is technically already over (and I’m not sure this will be queued up to the regular Zutara Week blog) but I wanted to post it anyway since I did say I’d finish the week. This is my last submission and I hope that all of you enjoy it!

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Title: Maelstrom (n. a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil)

Words: 3507

Summary: The first time Katara and Zuko had sex, it was filled with a barrage of biting insults, rough kisses, and a lot of angry foreplay.

Notes: While I don’t think this warrants an M rating at all, this is still technically a tad NSFW for some strongly suggested illicit activities and less than subtle language.

The first time Katara and Zuko had sex, it was filled with a barrage of biting insults, rough kisses, and a lot of angry foreplay.

It was sort of sudden when it happened, really. To this day, Katara couldn’t properly articulate how things escalated to the point where Zuko was pulling off her underwear and Katara was ripping the buttons clean off of Zuko’s button down. They didn’t even like each other. If anything, it was more appropriate to say that they sometimes couldn’t stand to freakin’ look at each other.

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