zukiuke  asked:

With all the CraftyKraken art style chit-chat, how do you feel about people using your art style? I am guilty as charged for drawing in your style, before I developed my own. I apologize in advance, but I was just wondering what your opinion on people using your style?

Well firstly- I don’t think people making these judgements actually know how to distinguish art styles apart from one another all too well.

I can recognize Crafty’s style pretty much right away most of the time, his ponies have bigger heads and smaller bodies than mine and he has a very specific way of drawing faces and expressions that simply don’t match up with mine and that was developed from his own style.

Though, really, every artist usually takes styles from other people and works them in to being their own styles over time so I don’t get what the hell is wrong with someone’s art mimicking or resembling another person

It’s how we learn and progress with art, after all

I’ve only ever seen one person who’s style looked so much like mine that I was floored and confused, like, I kept thinking “I didn’t draw that, did I? I know I didn’t draw that.”

And that person is now working on The Master blog.

Pretty sure if they used the same brush settings as me, people would be very very confused