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TV shows I would like to see revived or well re-invented (with reasons)
  • Invader Zim: He just speaks to me on levels. If you deny there isn’t a quirky Zim in all of us, YOU’RE LYYYYING.
  • American Dragon : Spud and Trixie were awesome

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How ATLA Characters Say "I love you"

• Zuko: “I don’t hate you.”

• Ty lee: “You’re my favourite kind of person!”

• Suki: “I actually like you.”

• Katara: “You mean so much to me.”

• Uncle Iroh: “I guess you’re ok.”

• Azula: “We are great! We will rule the world together!”

• Sokka: “Damn you’re almost as crazy as I am.”

• Toph: “You’re such a weirdo, I like you.”

• Aang: “I love you.”

• Mai: “I don’t hate you, too”

Preach it
  • fan: I ship Zutara
  • me: cool
  • fan: I ship Kataang
  • me: cool
  • fan: I ship Maiko
  • me: cool
  • fan: I ship Makorra
  • me: cool
  • fan: I ship Tokka
  • me: cool
  • fan: I ship Korrasami
  • me: cool
  • fan: I ship Soki
  • me: cool
  • fan: I ship Iroh and Jet
  • me: cool
  • fan: my OTP is perfect and yours isn't and i'm going to tell you how wrong you are, and insult you and your ship for not sharing my opinion
  • me: get the fuck out of my face before I high five your face with a bus