lazy to translate

but try

Z: Aang, i`m busy.
A: But you`ve sat all day at papers…
Z:It important papers.
Z: Do you really like distracting me?
A:I want you to relax~ At least while I’m here
Z: Allright, for Avatar papers can wait…
A: Good~
Z… except this one.
A: Seriously?!
Z:i try to hurry.

Since aang was the first one of the gaang to really be zukos friend imagine him trying to pull zuko into the fray of the gaang more often… When they are all chatting and laughing around the fire aang notices a certain firebender is missing and finds him sitting in appas hay by himself staring off into space and tugs him by the wrist back to the fire and makes zuko sit next to him and will involve him by nudging him with his elbow after jokes and being like “isnt that funny zuko?” and afterwards when zuko is lying in bed he has to cover his face because of the Ridiculous Smile that is spreading on it

I’m just gonna leave this here while I feels in a corner.

edit: Just to clarify, Zuko is alive and it’s been released that he’s a retired Firelord travelling the world as an ambassador, and the Iroh Korra is referring to is General Iroh II who has been said will be her firebending master. No official Oldko designs, that’s just something I whipped up based on Sozin, Iroh (I), and Roku.