West Friesland, a region in the province of North Holland, was on today’s menu. An area where the wind is always blowing; there is no hiding, certainly on a day like this. With a Sunday morning gruppetto record of 20 riders we headed north along the Markermeer. The first 50km we managed to keep it all together nicely but once we passed Hoorn the testosterone kicked in. On the smoothly resurfaced Zuiderdijk from Hoorn to Bovenkarspel it was all guns blazing. The pack shredded and in small groups the riders hurried over the 17km dike towards Enkhuizen. Opa ignited the hammerfest, Maarten jumped to his wheel and also Paul managed to cling on. Then there was a gap. At the end we regrouped and headed face first into the headwind. At times we rode disciplined giving each other shelter on wide roads; a bit later it was chaotic with high speeds over narrow bike lanes. As this group grows in size we should rethink our riding etiquette. No drama this time except for an unpleasant surprise at Mr Wong’s. Tom’s van had been towed away. The Windjammers permit must have expired; the steep fine took away the good feeling of today’s ride.