zuhair murad spring 2014 haute couture

BTS HYUNG LINE: Red Carpet Gowns

Anon Asked: I really liked your Red Carpet outfits for the Maknae Line :) could you do one for the Hyung Line? 💕💕

I am an EXPERT on all things haute couture, high fashion, and red carpet. Yo girl GOTCHU - Admin Dayna


For some reason Jin + Red Carpet = Cape Gown. You need a cape with your gown. It’s necessary. Why? LOOK AT THE DRESS. It’s absolutely gorgeous, there’s something girlish and innocent about the appearance, but the exposed shoulder adds just the right amount of maturity to it - it’s to die for. This is the Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Spring 2016 Collection. You’ll look fucking amazing in it.


When I think of Yoongi, my mind instantly goes to any and all Zuhair Murad Gowns from 2012+. Like honestly, Mr. Murad is a genius in all things black, lacy, and mature sex-appeal. Now for a runway look with Yoongi, I think a more minimal/modern geometric gown would be best suited. So that’s why I’m choosing Zuhair Murad’s Modello in Chiffon Bicolor Gown from his Haute Couture 2014/2015 collection.


With Hobi, you better be serving Sun Goddess realness. Anything with sequins, jewels, or golden tones is perfect. Something that drapes over the body delicately is the ideal look for our Sun, JHope. Thus, I introduce to you, Elie Saab’s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. If putting on this gown doesn’t make you glo from inside-out, sis, you’re dead inside.


Now whenever my mind goes towards Namjoon and what his ideal type would wear in a formal setting, I always think Red, lace, and Leg Slit. Always. It’s just classic sexy. You can’t go wrong. However! I wanted to leap outside the box just a little bit. I instead chose this satin gown. This is Ralph & Russo’s Golden Corset Satin Gown from his Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Collection. This color satin would look amazing on literally any skintone. Like, it’s fucking beautiful. The corset is laced within the back to snatch up anyone’s waist. I think this dress is so perfect that if you were to add any additional accessory to it, it’ll just ruin the look. I personally, would wear this fucking dress. I don’t even care about Namjoon, I want the drESS.