I finally convinced my mom to try food tripping (no, not really, lol) in Maginhawa st. in Quezon city. We drove along the whole of Maginhawa st., and stopped over at the Burger Project. Yay, I’ve been dying to try that! It’s fun because you get to choose what’s on your burger! It’s also not that pricey so the toppings, sauce– everything, is worth your money. 

After satisfying our bellies with ze burgers, we went to Zugbu (it’s along Maginhawa st as well) to buy liempo for dinner. They serve THE best liempo in my area.


 Last August 6, 2011, I was invited to the Opening of Zugbu Liempo at Maginhawa st. UP Village. What is Zugbu Exactly? Simply described in its native tongue as “Lami-a Oy,” Zugbu-Liempo embraces sarap in its purest form.


When translated, Zugbu or Sugbu comes to mean “Old Cebu,” an era where Lechon was traditionally prepared through a carefully produced marinade of a secret mix of herbs and spices before being roasted to perfection — crispy on the outside, tender, tasty and juicy on the inside. This method of cooking did away with preservatives and artificial seasoning, a practice of enhancing and not masking the true flavors of the chosen meat. Zugbu-Liempo now brings this delicious secret to Manila, giving our favorite Chicken and Liempo a twist, now cooked the way they should be — the Zugbu way. 

And here are some of the snippets of the opening:

We arrived with no more Liempo for us! So they had to cook more! Everyone loved it!

CELEBRITY SPOTTED: Regine and Pamela with Kathleen Hermosa. She loves and supports Zugbu

For the first time ever in my life, I was given my own Media Press Kit, because I am a blogger. It felt professional! heehee. Inside the kit were enough information on what Zugbu is about! Plus points for the effort and the design of the Press Kit!

They also had photobooth and of course, we took advantage! Pictures with Rej, Louie, and Tanya!

The funniest and best Zugbu Boys! You’ll see them when you visit and eat!

I personally think that it also goes well with my favorite Milk tea, Moonleaf! And since it was really near Zugbu, Rej and I decided to buy our fave Wintermelon Milk Tea!

Going back to Zugbu, For a taste of the Zugbu-Liempo experience, visit them at the Maginhawa Strip, Quezon City’s newest hub of yummy treasures! Drop by at 79 Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City. Like them on Facebook for more information on their products and promos!


Yummy Zugbu Chicken!