So im re-reading Greek Mythology, and I realised that Hades is a precious bean and all goddesses are more terrifying than every god put together.

Let me explain

1) The goddesses are the ones who do most of the cursing. No seriously, check. Goddesses are kinda petty

2) Hades names his dog a fancy word for Spot

3) Persephone once crushed a woman into a plant for saying that Hades loved her more. Thats why we have mint.

4) Hades is mythologically the most faithful one. He almost cheated a couple of times, but felt really bad and couldn’t do it

5) Aphrodite once flayed a woman alive because people thought she was prettier.

6) Hades kidnapped Persephone because Zues told him to. He literally has zero social or romantic skills, and fingers that big brother Zues, who’s courted hundreds of women would know a thing or two about wooing. Zues told Hades to kidnap Persephone.

7) Hades went to great lengths to make Persephone happy in the underworld. He even created a garden make of jewls for her. But when he realized she wasn’t pleased, he willingly let her go.

8) Artemis help deliver her brother

9) Hestia ate virgins who broke their vows

10) Zues is such a sleezbag, he blamed Aphrodite for all his affairs (with her being the goddess of love and lust and such). She and Hera did not take it well

11) Athena was born in full body armor.

12 ) Demeter tried to kill Zues for allowing Hades to take their daughter.

13) Demeter has a bleeding heart, but also murderd an entire army for trying to cut down a sacred tree grove

14) Hades my be intimidating with his helmet of terror, but Persephone had a man tourterd for all eternity for not taking no for an answer.

15 ) Artemis turned a peeping-tom into deer and lets him get eaten by his own dogs

16 ) Hades is the king of the underworld because he got the short straw.

17) Amphotrite is sometimes described as the sea herself. She’s drowed countless people.

18) Persephone is a proud queen of hell who has no problem with her job

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So its a common fact that Diana is a demigod but like who is her god parent cause i've seen her been blessed by multiple gods before allegedly gaining her strength and powers that way

*lots of screaming* okay friendo you didn’t know what you were asking but boy here we go. okay WAY back when Wonder Woman started in the 1940s her origin was this, Queen Hippolyta was desperate for a child so molded a baby from the clay of Themyscira and prayed to the gods to bring it to life and give her a real child. The Goddess Athena breathed life into the clay figure (more on that in a moment) and each of the female gods (plus Hermes) gave her a gift. That was her backstory from 1941 till 2011. In a latter stories the breath Athena gave Diana to bring her to life was the spirt of truth and she briefly served as the Goddess of Truth 

here we have to pause and understand why this is important. Men, play no role in Wonder Woman’s origin here. She is raised and trained on an all woman island, she is made from the clay of same lady island, her life is given her by a Goddess, almost all of her powers are from Goddesses, Hermes serves a small role in giving her her speed and flight but he’s the one guy out of the 6 Gods involved. As far as Feminist icons go Wonder Woman is maybe the original of “Sisters doing it for themselves” 

come along to the New52 the horrible wrong handed reboot of the DCU and they looked that that weird, iconic and very importantly feminist origin story that had been around for 70 years and said “nahhhhh, needs more penis”. So in the new post-2011 reality Diana is the daughter of Hippolyta and Zues, i.e. all of Diana’s powers come from a man and she’s only important because of who her father is. They also decided to make the Amazons a bunch of murdering, rapist infanticides. Oh also rather than being trained by other amazons as she had been before now all of Diana’s combat skills come from Ares who trained her, you know another man.

Ares has always traditionally been Wonder Woman’s major enemy, along the lines of a Darkseid or Joker. And this makes a lot of sense even the Greeks treated him as the living embodiment of toxic masculinity, fighting because he felt like it, switching sides in the middle of battles, and running home no joke crying if he was ever hurt. Ares is a horrible bully and jerk and as close as the Greeks got to having a straight up “bad” God. And the Wonder Woman comics for 70 years played him as a bad guy who’s mission of war was at odds with Diana’s stated mission of peace. 

which brings us to our last origin issue. As of right now Wonder Woman is not out yet but a lot of people based on rumors and what’s in the trailers think that the origin of this Wonder Woman won’t have Zues as her father, but Ares. That’s right there’s a chance that the feminist icon, warrior for peace, spirt of truth, etc will be the daughter of the God of male fragility. I hope this is not the case but her being the daughter of Zues wouldn’t be much better, her original origin is unique and perfect and DC needs to get back there as fast as they can 

When you ask @vyctornikiforov to suggest an episode to make gifs from, she suggested episode 3. I roughly remember it as the Onsen on Ice episode, but honestly? This episode is worthy of Victor’s shots.


He wears a shirt and it’s already sexy enough for me.

Look at the curves, folks.


The scene that makes me decide, “Go, Zue, gif the heck out of this episode.“