zucherman  asked:

Hello. I'm so amazed by your work, and I also hear your younger brother Zachary is so devilishly handsome. Do you ever get inspiration for your music when suddenly finding yourself thinking, "Man oh man, is my younger brother Zachary so handsome or what!" Or, perhaps, "Maybe this part should have a really pretty piano line to try to convey how handsome my younger brother Zachary is." I'm very interested to know if this is part of your process, or if his handsomeness just goes without saying.

It mostly goes without saying, except for if you count all the times when he’s saying it.



ILLUSTRATORS: Show us your stylistic take on one of THESE REFERENCE IMAGES.


NOTE: Please keep in mind that these illustrations must be repeatable for many frames, so make them simple enough to be repeated multiple times.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: The Deadline for this request is Monday, December 8th.