the raid on zuccotti park (by Casey Neistat)

October 1: Occupy Wall Street "We are the 99%" March from Zuccoti Park to Brooklyn Bridge Park

Ok, so after sleeping for 12 hours and decompressing from a very long day yesterday, this is the conclusion I have come to about our day spent with the Occupy Wall St. Movement: finally, our country has had enough. The gap between the super rich and the middle/lower class continues to grow and it’s sickening. Generation X (the 50 and early 60 somethings) are completely tied in upside down on their mortgages, and our generation is going to be in debt forever due to student loans and most likely, only a fraction of us will ever own a house because of this. If you marry someone who also has student loans up the ass, I’m crossing my fingers for you. This country needs to reform the tax system and we need to make this a country of manufacturing again – not a country of outsourcing, and companies who do outsource should be punished with taxes, but instead, as of now, they are given tax breaks. This country needs healthcare. Socialist healthcare is not the answer, because overseas and in Canada, the government controls what medicine doctors are allowed to prescribe and the lack of specialists and surgeons causes people to wait on lists for months before getting properly treated. However, there are other options, but I know that in this country, which is supposed to be the country of opportunity, it is UNACCEPTABLE that a man has to rob a bank for a dollar in order to go to jail to receive proper healthcare. Google that shit and look at the humiliation and despair on the man’s face, it’s devastating. There are a lot of things wrong in America right now that need fixing, and FINALLY people are starting to get it and stomp their feet. I heard several times in the last 24 hours that there are “other ways” to create reform rather than throwing a tantrum and marching through the streets. I ask you this, when were revolutions ever worthwhile when they were started over an intellectual conversation over brunch and a round of golf? Never. To create change, the masses have to stomp their feet and open their mouths, and take their heads out of the sand and be ready to take some heat for it. It aint pretty and it aint easy, but if you dare complain about they way your country is running you better be willing to do something about it, and if you’re not, close your mouth; sounds harsh, but its true. Stop getting your information from only the media, try engaging in life and getting your information first hand. As for the NYPD arrests on the bridge yesterday, I will tell you this: the police were doing their jobs. There was no police brutality, and as I walked by with my sign saying “110K in student loan debt so I can teach your kids cuz I love what I do even if it means I can never retire. I am one of the 99%“ they all smiled and nodded their head. I spoke with many and thanked them for protecting us while we marched and they smiled. Stop putting this on them, they have a job to do and it is in fact illegal to march in a highway that isn’t shut down with permits. In my last comments about this for now, I will tell you this: if you want to “peacefully” protest, then by all means, please do so. However, remember that to be peaceful means to be respectful – even if the other side isn’t respecting you.

Why are they not moving in on the park?

They have a court order disallowing them from blocking reentry to the park currently! The officers there are in contempt of court. I really wish I was there right now. They need to, in mass, move in on the park with the court orders! Perform citizen’s arrests on any police officers that continue to defy the court order, and reclaim the park! This is not what democracy looks like, this is what repression and fascism look like!