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Sweet Emotion

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He spun her around in his chair. “Dinner, my place, seven o’clock?”

Kirsten shook her head, completely confused by Cameron suddenly breaking her concentration. “Um…yeah, sure? Any reason why?”

Cameron shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m in the mood to cook, so I figured I’d cook for someone and why not that someone be you?”

Her eyes squinted at him. A few weeks prior, the two had a heavy conversation about what she saw in his head. Kirsten, still only having and feeling real emotions for only a month at most in that point in time, said she couldn’t reciprocate his feelings. He said to her, “I understand. But now, I’ve got a second—hell, third shot at life. You know how I feel about you, and I promise I won’t stop loving you. But I’ve got to move on for me. I can’t sit here hanging on a thread waiting for you; that’s just not healthy. I’m sorry.” She remembered him sighing, shaking his head slightly before continuing. “Look…I can’t force you to say something you don’t actually mean for my own closure, and I’m not going to. I want to help you with your feelings as much as I can, but I can’t linger around any longer. If you do, at some point, feel the same, I’ll come back for you. In the meantime, I’m going to put my efforts elsewhere. I’m sorry.”

It stung. It was a horrible feeling she never wanted to experience again. Was it heartbreak? Anger? Sadness? Fear? Whatever it was, it made her cry that night, and she was still trying to recover. Cameron caught her off guard, now, asking her to have dinner at his place. Friendship dinner? Dinner of truce? She had no idea. But what was the worst that could happen? He breaks her heart again?

Okay, that sounded pretty miserable. But maybe, just maybe, it would give them a chance to be close again and talk like before. She had realized that she did love him, and when he rejected her like that, it was because of love. However, she still didn’t know if she was in love with him or not. The difference wasn’t clear, and Cameron wasn’t being clear as to what this dinner meant.

Being able to recognize time sucked; Kirsten no longer had an excuse as to why she took so long to respond to things. Only a few seconds had passed, but it was probably a few seconds too long. She finally answered, “S-sure. Yeah, dinner sounds great. Um, do you want me to get anything from the store?”

Cameron shook his head. “Nah, I’m good. But seven o’clock, okay? Call your Uber driver ‘uber’ early so you’re on time.” He smiled to himself at his play on words.

Kirsten rolled her eyes with a wide grin. God, was he adorable sometimes. “Alright, fine. I promise to be there at seven sharp.”

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I couldn’t make up my mind on exactly what I wanted to make. I started off thinking of a unbreaded chicken parmesan with zucchini buns, but that seemed messy. I decided to make a zucchini noodle lasagna layered with the chicken inside. Then at the last minute I decided to throw some pepperoni on top, cause hey, why not?

So this is a chicken parm and pizza lasagna…