I went down to the FDR memorial today to play pokemon go today and it was incredible. If anyone is DC local and plays you should message me so we can go down there as a group.

I spent two hours there but half the time I was fighting with my dumb phone for reception(I’m going to get a new phone I’ve decided), and the stuff I got there was fucking insane:

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My heart is beating fast, I can’t sleep and I’m thinking about Pokemon.
Seeing all these classic Kanto pokemon scattered all over my hometown is just giving me an unbelievable amount of feels. 

We’re really seeing something pretty cool happen right now, right in the middle of all the crap that’s happening. The world is nuts. 

Going back through these watercolors from the archive- think I might revisit this series soon :D

Me: I’m taking the dog for a walk, mom!

Mom: Really? You never do that.

Me: Just felt like mixing it up.

Dog: *dances around my legs excitedly*

Me: *leans down and whispers* Now make no mistake I am bringing you along with me to act as a buffer so I don’t look creepy when I’m aimlessly walking around trying to catch Pokemon. Don’t be weird about this, okay?


Me: Good.

Hey so fyi mental illnesses don’t have moral alignments. Good people have mental illnesses and bad people have mental illnesses. Using someone’s mental illness to excuse bad behavior is demonizing to those of us who try our hardest to be good and moral often in face of that mental illness.

Has anyone received anything from The Leelah Project?

We have found no evidence that even one person has received a package from Alexis Lee Miller, alias Alex Yrigoyen, since the Leelah Project was founded in January. According to the project’s most recent post, which claims that due to a lack of funding the project will be closed at the end of April, 120 packages were sent out. Shouldn’t there be at least one thank you note or picture of a package posted by the project or the receiver?

We noticed that the project claimed each package costs $82 shipped. The GoFundMe page for the project raised $15992. GoFundMe takes 7.9% of proceeds plus 30 cents per donation for all 699 donations so it’s $14518.93. They also raised money through PayPal, partnerships with businesses, other online fundraisers and local fundraisers in Miller’s hometown of Los Angeles. Even if the $14518.93 was the total they should have been able to send 177 packages not including any of the clothes and stuff they got donated to them. Sending 120 packages would cost $9840. According to the International Business Times’s write up on the project on February 12th there were already over 100 packages sent out by that date. Weren’t any packages sent out since?

We sent Miller a message 48 hours ago telling them to prove they sent out packages and people got them or we would expose their lies to the public. They then posted saying they were sending out prom dresses followed by the post saying the project is closing down. We believe that they never sent out any packages at all.

We hope we’re wrong. If anyone has proof that packages got to them or that the project is even a legally registered charity please send it to us.


They are getting paid for ads and web traffic. if you want to see what’s happened with them, search in the tags instead of going on their blog. spread this so they don’t get paid for causing more crap

Alex "Zubat" Miller

Okay I don’t really know where to start this so here it goes. I will probably delete this later but yeah. I’m posting this from a throwaway so I don’t get hate or bad attention. But this was a story of a few times I have encountered Alex.
I’m a trans boy and just began transitioning so I have tons of clothing as well as unused makeup items…really good brands like MAC and such. I got a lot of makeup for christmas and birthdays the last 2 years that I haven’t touched but I wasn’t out yet to family members and before my transition I had adored makeup. I also had cute bags and shoes that I didn’t need anymore. So I messaged Alex. I told them all of the things that I had and that I would have no issue sending them. I even offered to pay shipping to send to them. Alex replied like 5 days later saying that they would need me to not only pay for me to ship it to them, but to also send money via PayPal to cover the costs of sending it to the girls they would be going to. I asked how much and they told me like 500 dollars. There was no way I could afford that. I checked shipping costs and told them that it wouldn’t be that much actually. And told them how much it should be. Then I asked why I would have to pay that. Wasn’t that what the donations were for? They then refused to reply to me. I waited a few days and sent another ask, saying that I could just send the packages out myself. They replied and said that if I could just send money it would be better. I told them that I didn’t have much money. They said that “if you really cared about trans girls you would be able to. If not please don’t waste my time.” I was baffled???? I was trying my best to work something out with this person and they just seemed money hungry. This was manipulative. Super manipulative. I couldn’t even understand why someone would say this. It was guilt tripping in its finest form. But I didnt realize because I just wanted to help and I didn’t want to be labeled a transmisogynist by a really popular user. I asked if they still wanted the clothes and they said “we aren’t accepting clothes at this time because we haven’t gotten enough donations to send them out.” Which was bull crap because you could see how much they were being donated to on the page. I gave in eventually and sent them money and they didn’t even say thank you or anything. In fact after I sent money they wouldn’t reply to any of my messages. Soon after, a friend of mine messaged them asking for a donation. Alex replied and they discussed things and Alex said that my friend will be receiving a package soon. 2 weeks later my friend messaged again and Alex said “I sent your package yesterday!” And to this day my friend has gotten nothing and Alex won’t reply to her. So please. Trust NO Alex.