I’m starting off 2016 by spending 5 hours in a hospital with one of my sisters because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
At 2:06 this morning, Sara Mutschlechner, a UNT RTVF student and Zeta Tau Alpha sister, was shot while DDing some friends from a party. The boys in the backseat had a fight with the car next to them and the car opened fire. Sara wasn’t even involved and she was the only one shot. The bullet hit her in the back of the head and she lost control of the car and hit a pole. I have no idea who called the cops or if anyone even saw the accident. Sara was barely breathing when she arrived at the hospital and has, I believe, been taken off life support to begin harvesting her organs.
If anyone has any information at all about who did this please please please call the Denton county police. You can make an anonymous tip if you are scared or a dangerous situation with someone involved in the shooting. Please come forward if you know anything at all.