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Hey Edi! I just wanted to say that your blog is amazing! I check it everyday! I actually love it and I love the way you stand up for Beyonce. She's truly amazing! . ❤️ Could you please post like documentary like links of beyoncè. I was on YouTube and I was watching a few. Do you have any favorites?

Thanks so much I appreciate it, I’ll give you some links now and I’ll bold my favorites.

Year of 4

Life Of Beyonce & Jay Z

Self Titled

Driven (Part 2 / 3)

MTV Diary (Part 2 / 3)

B’day Documentary (Part 2)

Making Of Dangerously In Love

The Beyonce Experience (Ethiopia)

Mic & A Light (Part 2 / 3)

Rehearsing RTA

I Am Yours (Part 2 / 3 / 4)

Making Of Revel (Part 2)

Survival Of The Fittest (DC) (Part 2 / 3)

I’m probably missing some.. which I’ll add to this list if I find anymore I might re-watch all of these myself soon.. but there you go :)