daddy - simon minter imagine

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idk why i thought of this tbh, hope you enjoy. send in some requests guys. just felt the need to clarify that when i call him lanky i mean it as a compliment, lanky guys are the best. this could turn into a father series idk x bel <3

requested?; nope

warnings; sickness

pairing; simon x reader

word count; 507 words

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A list of my imagines <3 xox</i>


Untitled #1

Long Distance Relationship

Part One - Untitled #3 (???) - Line’s Birthday

Part Two - Untitled #3 (???) - Line’s Birthday

Playful Morning

Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur (Inspired)

“its six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka”


Untitled #1 x JJ


Untitled #1


Untitled #1

Family Feels

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i hope you dont mind but i just used y/n ! sorry for the lack of updates, ive just gone back to school and im already stressed asf! this is actually so shitty and i’m so sorry! i should hopefully bang out some decent quality bits of writing this weekend. bel x

warnings; none

requested; mhm

pairing; simon x reader

word count; 355 words

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cute talk and teasing - wroetoshaw imagine

i love getting requests! keep sending them in! i also changed this one up a little bit, i hope you dont mind. bel x

requested; yes

warnings; nup

pairing; harry x reader

word count; 384 words

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Bubble Bath Babble - Shawn Mendes imagine

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brought to you by bel. just a lil something something where shawn comes home from the studio cranky so you run a bath and yeaahhhhh. lemme know what sort of things you guys wanna read. request anything. bel x

warnings; nah

pairing; shawn x reader

word count; 535 words

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Cover Up - wroetoshaw imagine

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so this imagine was requested by one of my lovely followers! also, on the 25th i will be picking my monthly top follower thing ! so keep liking and reblogging and supporting x hope you like it, bel <3

requested; yes

warnings; mention of a fun night ;)

pairing; harry x reader

word count; 530 words

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caught out - miniminter smut

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the winner of the monthly top fan writing comp thing is ;  @lovvelyxdreamer !! congrats x bel

prompt; in which you are friends with JJ and youre from the US. however you and simon are FWB. you stay home on a night out with simon, and things happen. ;)

requested; technically

warnings; smut

pairing; simon x bri

word count; 995 words

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FIRST CHILD with Simon;

- your first born being spoiled as fuck because simon just wants to give everything

- simon being extremely anxious to hold him/her for the first time

- the other boys fighting over who the “better uncle” is going to be

- “don’t drop her/him.” “hold her/him properly.” “they can’t hold her/him, they’ll hurt her/him.”

- both arguing over the name, bc youre both stubborn as fuck

- him probably wanting to name it after his favourite leeds player

- over protective simon

- always talking about him/her to anyone and everyone

- “did you guys know i’m a dad?” *as he’s holding the baby*

- talking to the baby about fifa and football bc ‘he’s/she’s going to play soccer’

- dressed in so much leed’s merch

- the boys making a mini sdmn shirt purely for your child