ZR Graphics Meme | 2/5 Relationships: Jack Holden and Eugene Woods (Radio Abel)

E: You tell that story to everyone we meet.

J: It’s a great story!

(Ft. Mark Rendall as Jack Holden and Sacha Dhawan as Eugene Woods)


ZR Graphics Meme | ¼ ASW+ZR Remixes

“That’s nerve damage,” she said.

(Ft. Gina Torres as Dr. Maxine Myers, Osric Chau as Sam Yao, and A Softer World #75)


ZR Graphics Meme | 1/3 Runners: Jamie Skeet, Runner 10

Nah, mate. That’s not what it’s about. Didn’t no one ever tell you? That ain’t what life’s about at all. 

(Introducing Lucien Laviscount as Runner 10, Jamie Skeet)

ZR Graphics Meme | ½ Non-Runners: Zoe Crick, Radio Cabel

It’s a radio show, Phil, not a religious experience. 

(Introducing Evan Rachel Wood as Zoe Crick)


ZR Graphics Meme | ¾ ASW + ZR Remixes (392 + Five and death)

(Ft. Hugh Dancy as Chris McShell, Natalya Rudakova as Archie Jensen, Hettienne Park as Sara Smith, lots of helvetica, and ASW 392.)