I’m away this weekend, but I just wanted to put up my submission for the Zombies, Run! Art Exchange, which, honestly, was SO MUCH FUN.

My submission was for thewondersmith, who requested:

- SIMON x JODY. I’d be over the moon with literally anything with this ship, whether it’s art or hand-written in-character notes or couple’s cosplay or finger puppets. Seriously, I’m an embarrassingly huge sucker for these two.

So how about a couple’s cosplay with finger puppets?

Kas, thank you so much for organizing this!!!!!


My submission for the ZRAX! 

My submission was for zombieswilleatme, who requested some Pacific Rim AU!

The way that the Jaeger pilots were treated as heroes in the film, you just KNOW that there were little kids all over the world who had posters of their favorites up on their walls. So we’ve got Sam and Alice’s official PPCD posters along with their personnel dossier, and the dossier for their Jaeger. 

Once again, MEGA thanks to thewondersmith for organizing it! It was a ton of fun!

anonymous asked:

Hi Hi! c: I looked and there doesn't seem to be *any* NSFW art in the fandom at all so I was wondering if NSFW art is okay for the Zombies Run Art Exchange?

Hi! Haha yeah, it’s kind of hard to find but it does exist! NSFW prompts are totally fine for the ZRAX, but I’d suggest leaving a couple of SFW prompts too, just in case.

AND FINALLY we have my fill for obscureculturalreference who requested Sam and Maxine being cute bffs together, and my heart will always belong to DRUNK NINJAS!!!! so this was kind of inevitable really. I’m pretty sure Maxine would subscribe to Jack Holden’s Overly Physically Affectionate Newsletter when drunk, so… smooches! FOR EVERYONE! EVEN YOU, SAM. ESPECIALLY. YOU. SAM.

My submission for the Zombies Run Art Exchange was for pawlikethebear, who is so fabulous that my random number generator insisted on pairing the both of us up together.  She requested Simon/Jody, and… I mean, I’ll ship these kids until I’m nothing but ASH AND DUST, so this was definitely a lot of fun for me ♥ UGH. I just love these two so much.

And thank you so much again to everyone who participated in the first ZRAX! It’s been a blast seeing everyone’s art. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST ♥

Zombies, Run! Art Exchange update

OKAY. SO. I totally underestimated how heavy my workload is at the moment, so this is kicking off a little later than I’d originally planned- I’m sorry about that!  I’ve finally found some time to write up an official-ish post for the Zombies, Run Art Exchange, so if you’re still interested in playing, here’s what to do.

To sign up, shoot me a message at zombiesrunartexchange@gmail.com with the following deets:

  • Your username on Tumblr (or deviantArt, or wherever- I just need an online handle). 

  • At least five different prompts. If you can, it’d be good to keep it at least a little open to interpretation to give your ZRAX buddy some wiggle room. You can request characters, ships, scenarios, AUs, certain types of media, etc, andI’ll  try and match you guys up. Given there’s only a handful on us here, I can’t really guarantee an absolute perfect fit, but I promise I’ll do my best.

  • What you’d like to offer for the exchange. It can be anything, from drawing/painting to cosplay to fan videos* to cross-stitching to Shoebox Project style letters to, I don’t know, macaroni sculptures of the Radio Boyfriends. So long as it’s visual and you’re able to fulfill at least one of the prompts your assigned ZRAX buddy has provided, we should be good to go! If you can, try to keep it as open as possible to make it easier for us to pair you guys up.
  • Anything you would be uncomfortable doing (e.g. gore, porn, certain ships, characters, AUs or tropes, or mediums you’re not comfortable working in- really, anything you’d rather avoid.)

  • Anything you’d rather not receive. Same as above, really!

The deadline for getting your applications in is the 9th of August, and we’ll be kicking off the actual art exchange on the 15th of August! I’ll be sending out your prompts then (all anonymous style so we can have a totally kick-ass reveal at the end), and you’ll have until the 30th of September to get your fills completed. On the 3rd of October, I’ll be sending out everyone’s fills for the reveal, and that’s when you guys can upload your work and share the love! 

If you think you’ll be needing a pinch-hitter, PLEASE let me know at least a week in advance. We don’t want anyone to miss out!

ETA: I figure this probably goes without saying, considering the Zombies, Run! fandom is pretty much the sweetest fandom I’ve ever been in, but don’t be a dick. No crappy comments about other people’s prompts or fills, and no homophobia, racism, sexism or general shitty bigotry. Be cool, guys! Be cool.

And… that’s it! If I’ve missed anything, or if you guys need any clarification, please feel free to send me an ask or a message at that email address. Thanks! ♥


*Fan videos are awesome, provided they’re not just talking heads or reaction videos to missions. Those are great, but not really appropriate for this kinda thing, I think.

ZRAX reminder the SECOND

Hi guys! Just a reminder to get your fills in to zombiesrunartexchange@gmail.com for the Zombies, Run! art exchange in before the 30th! We’ve got a week left! YEAH ART!

Also, just to clarify a few points:

  • You absolutely don't need to do all the prompts you were given. The minimum is one fill, but if you’d like to fill multiple prompts, feel free to! There’s no pressure to do all of them.  

  • Feel free to post your fills on Tumblr or deviantArt or wherever you’d like after the reveal.

  • If for any reason you don’t think you’re going to be able to make the deadline, please let me know now so I can organize pinch-hitters for people!

  • Any other questions? Feel free to message me here or at the zrax email account ♥
ZRAX- and that's a wrap!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the first Zombies Run Art Exchange! It’s been really, really fun and I’m so excited to see all this awesome art! You guys are so dang talented and it’s been awesome getting to know everybody. Oh, and everyone should have received their fills, so please feel free to start uploading your stuff here if you’d like! YEAH TEAM ART!

ZRAX fill (and some gushing)

Hurray, got my zrax fill today! Which was (since I really am that predictable) about Jack and Eugene, draw for me in obscureculturalreference extremely adorable design~ Thank you super much, I hope to see it on tumblr later too! (This cuteness must be shared!)

I got a wonderful prompt in the same theme from doodledinmypants which was “Radio Boyfriends snuggling”.

You can see that fill HERE! (NOW IT WORKS HURRAH!)

I tried my hand at gif making for the first time, using a scene from one of my other OTP’s, Lily and Marshal from HIMYM, as a base. You can find that gif here ;)

Hope you guys like it!

And also, thank you so much Kas for organizing this!