lesabear  asked:

🔥🔥🔥 Tumblr fandoms/SWTOR/your choice

Tumblr fandoms: The louder voices drown out the smaller ones way too easily. There’s also a lot of policing. I’m working on an article about a certain companion but I am not sure about publishing period because I don’t want to be harassed. For all its claims to be nice, Tumblr isn’t that nice.

SWTOR: I don’t mind it when a random stranger compliments my character, so long as it is respectful(i.e., not catcalling or racist if the character is an alien). I actually get more annoyed when my Chiss are addressed incorrectly(i.e., Praws'zran'ulod, who should be addressed as “Zran”, is usually called “Praws” by both guild mates and PUGs).

For the random, I’ll go with music: I hate Lynyrd Skynyrd. They make my ears bleed.