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ZR Graphics Meme | 2/5 Relationships: Jack Holden and Eugene Woods (Radio Abel)

E: You tell that story to everyone we meet.

J: It’s a great story!

(Ft. Mark Rendall as Jack Holden and Sacha Dhawan as Eugene Woods)

I will make you a graphic of you as runner five if you complete this one task

okay so I now have 500 followers, and people tend to do fun sweepstakes things when they hit even 100s, so … I want to do one? 500 is a good number for a runner five-themed thing, too, so here we go. 

OKAY, SO. if you like or reblog this, I’ll put your name in a draw. you get an extra ticket in the draw for each additional reblog, and you don’t have to be following me to do this. 

the prize = I will make you a cool graphic ft. you as runner five, using ur actual face. (this involves some work for the winner/s because you’ll have to send me some pictures of you looking badass in good (i.e. outdoor daylight) lighting. that’s pretty easy though, right? yeah. you can do it.) it’ll basically be like the zr graphics I usually make, but you’ll be in it as five. cool, right? 

I have a couple concepts prepared for the graphic/s, but if there’s something u really want to see/really don’t want to see, we can talk about that. also, if there’s a lot of draw, I can do 3 graphics instead or something. 

I’ll do the draw one week from today, on aug 24, 2015.