zr fanmix

Lead by your beating heart  {A Zombies, Run! Mix}
i. radioactive - imagine dragons
ii. rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated - rise against
iii. laura palmer - bastille
iv. suicide mission - jack wall
v. oblivion - patrick wolf
vi. flight over venice 2 - jesper kyd
vii. supermassive black hole - muse
viii. zero visibility - rise against
ix. final assault - sam hulick/jack wall/david kates
x. iron - woodkid
xi. das malefitz - faunts
xii. fireproof - the national
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Zalia said the words “Evil!Sam fanmix” around me and I had one in about .2 seconds

I’m Not Your Boyfriend Baby – 3OH!3 // Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Lorde // No Light, No Light – Florence + the Machine // Sinister Kid – The Black Keys // Seven Devils [ Kraddy Remix] – Kraddy vs. Florence + the Machine // Come Away to the Water (feat. Rozzi Crane) – Maroon 5 // Fire (Aim Your Arrows High [Brian Southall Remix] – VersaEmerge // Lies – Marina and the Diamonds // You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid – The Offspring // Gods and Monsters – Lana Del Ray //  Landfill – Daughter // The Mighty Fall – Fall Out Boy


A fanmix for our Runner Eight

Slow it Down–The Lumineers// Bones–MS MR//Toxic (The Voice Performance)–Melanie Martinez//Born to Die–Lana Del Rey//Seven Devils–Florence + The Machine//This Woman’s Work–Kate Bush//Dark Doo Wop–MS MR//Girl With One Eye–Florence+ The Machine//King–Lauren Aquilina//Eyes One Fire–Blue Foundation//How It Ends–DeVotchKa//