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hisnameisvolte  asked:

which fate/girl that isn't rin has the best ZR in your opinion

Man, that’s a hard one to answer. Kioyhime’s definitely one of my favourites, although she doesn’t have very good ZR, specifically, just really good thigh highs, so I suppose she’s disqualified under that condition. 

Jeanne D’Arc also has really good thigh highs, but the quality of the ZR is questionable because she’s got that really short metal skirt, so it’s not quite zettai ryouiki.

Her final art is exceptional, though. Still, I have trouble assuming that mess is pure uncut ZR, regardless of the quality.

I suppose if we can count ZR as including the hot pants variety then my favourite is almost certainly Heroine X Alter’s’s second form.

Not least because she’s got that really cool Rory Mercury-esque Half-Garterbelt-Strap-Thing so there’s twice skindentation, but also because it’s spats ZR, and it’s really, really good spats ZR. I mean, her design as a whole is incredible - Jeanne cosplaying Heroine X Alter would probably be the best Fate Girls could get, design-wise - but as far as the ZR goes, it’s hard to get better than this.

That’s choice.

Honorable mention does, of course, go to Okita Souji, who might have won, were she not wearing those frightening miserable awful very bad stirrup-based toeless liar bastard thigh highs.

Episode 17 - “Information Exchange″

“My research is all I’ve got left.”

Chris McShell and @eruvadhril’s Runner 5, figuring out zombie movements through the power of statistics. Eruvadhril’s 5 is an excellent archer, but for canon purposes, she gets a hockey stick for this mission ;]

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New York ZR Meetup

New York! Clear your diaries, mark your calendars and prepare to wear your nicest-looking training gear: the Zombies, Run! team are coming to New York City! 

Here are the details:

Date: March 31st

Time: 7.30pm

Location: Stitch Bar, 247 West 37th Street in Manhattan

Table: Booked for “Zombie Runners”

Team Six to Start: Me (Matt W, writer of Radio Abel and audio director), Adrian Hon (ZR co-creator, lead designer and CEO of Six to Start) and Alex Macmillan (Former Zombies, Run! lead developer). 

Look for the “Zombie Runners” sign when you arrive to find us, or keep an eye out for the people in the ever-stylish Abel Township apparel. We’ll also be on twitter for the evening, so be sure to follow us at @zombiesrungame there!  

We’re super excited about this event, and we’re looking forward to meeting you all! Stay safe out there in the meantime.