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Are you in the Zombies Run fandom? Do you like FREE ART? Hell yes and YES!!

OK guys, here’s the deal. I’m trying to reboot this blog and my (lbr) stagnant art life and I’d like to do it by having a little FUN. 

From what I’ve seen the ZR fandom appears to be made entirely of kind, sweet, insanely intelligent and absurdly attractive cinna-buns, and I’ve spent a long time ogling your artwork and crying over your fanfic, so now I’d love to do something that makes you guys happy, too.

So here’s my plan: using Season 1 of ZR, I’d like to draw a scene from each of the 23 episodes with a different Runner 5 - YOUR Runner 5s! These pics may be pencil sketches or ink washes or full, glorious color, but at the end of it I’d love to have 23 scenes featuring some of the different and wonderful 5′s of the fandom.

“Sounds awesome” you say. “What do I need to do?”

  1. Be in the ZR fandom. I don’t care if that means you’ve written an in-depth analysis of how Netrophil started or if you’ve only walked one episode. If you consider yourself a fan and you want to engage with the fandom, you’re in.
  2. Message me! That’s it! Just introduce yourself and where you are in the ZR story! (just don’t be on anon when you do, bc that won’t help either of us).

That’s it! If you want to reblog this post so that others can see it, so much the better, but it isn’t a requirement for getting a picture.

Once I’ve gotten 23 messages, I’ll fill out the episode list based on the order I received the notes in, and write them under the cut below. I’ll draw the images in that order and tag them as #allthe5s

(yeah, I know, there are like thousands of you and I probably won’t literally be drawing ALL-THE-5S but that sounds like a better tag than #23-5s).

FINAL NOTE: I will be completely honest with you that I am the slowest artist alive, and I’ll still be drawing other things in the meantime, so I don’t have a hard and fast deadline I’m sticking with for getting all of these done. But rest assured that unless a refrigerator falls from the sky and lands on my head, they will be done.

Love you guys. Now send me your 5s so I can get drawing!

The list if filled! Thanks to everyone who reblogged and signed up!

1. Jolly Alpha Five Ninernonhoration - link

2. Distraction: thetalkingcrocus - link

3. Lay of the Landzeph-chan - link

4. A Lost Childcinderscoria - link

5. Paul Revere: drmaxinemeyers - link

6. Supply Runpuptart - link

7. A Voice in the Darktheinevitablesmiley - link

8. The Old Milldontwakethesnake - link

9. Recoverykayomielatoro - link

10. Tesssocks-and-ink  - link

11. Back to School: runnereight - link

12. Alternatescelinejaneway - link

13. A Regular Med Runexistingawkwardly - link

14. Patient 29fullofsoulandsunshine - link

15. Virtuous Circlethewondersmith - link

16. Scouting Missionkatesparrowlagertha - link

17. Information Exchange: eruvadhril - link

18. Eavesdroppingstardust-rain - link

19. An Unimportant Missionrunnerzero - link

20. Listen Inthemortalscout - link

21. Siege: o0yono0o - link

22. Hordeabelrunners - link

23. Aftermath: let-there-be-neverending-light - link

EXTRA: In that I feel bad that I probably posted this too late, went to bed, and woke up to a bunch of sweet messages - I probably won’t be able to include you guys in the S1 episode list, but if I have time I’ll try and draw something for you!







How to play Zombies Run and Pokemon Go Simultaneously

before you start, go to the Pokemon Go settings. turn off in-game music and enable power saving mode.

1. Open ZR and start the mission of your choice
2. Open Pokemon Go
3. Hold your phone upside-down while you run to conserve battery life

basically you want Pokemon Go to be the app on your screen as much as possible so it can record your activity. if you keep in-game sounds enabled you’ll be able to hear when a wild Pokemon appears or you’re in range of a poké stop over the audio or your music.

if you’re working on your pace or have chases enabled, you might not want to stop for gym battles or wild Pokemon. In either case, this is a great way to hatch all those eggs you’ve been accumulating.