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imagine if the twist of 9 was them realizing that they were all meant to be trapped within the talisman, to control a sentient robot meant to rebuild which only seemed malevolent because it was trying to find the missing parts of its soul

i feel like a lot of people think the rider-waite tarot deck isn’t anything to show off, and while i understand that every deck is unique, my experiences with RW have been overwhelmingly positive, even with some attitude. kind of like your grandpa who likes to tell you he “told you so”. good, strong cards. reblog if you support the RW deck.

Does anyone else remember that movie called 9? It was really good. These 9 little potato sack humanoid creatures had to save the world from machines? I think it was machines. They also figure out their existence along the way and how they came to be (spoilers, since I was told I gave away spoilers lmao) Anyway, it was a really good movie and it was just added to Netflix. It’s honestly worth the watch. It was one of my favorite movies for a while. You guys should watch it.