The Demon ZoZo

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so this is a true story , i’m still kind of scared shitless 

so me and my former friend were hanging out and the idea popped in my head we should play the Ouija board. so we made one (actually several times we were stoned) 

and we started to play we kept getting the same spirit named zozo it started it harmless through out periods of time about 4 months we played and we never got someone different ,it was always zozo after awhile we thought he was our friend and we could trust him ,he told us his name was Abraham but he called himself zozo and if we googled him his name wouldn’t come up we just ignored that statement for a while but one day we decided to watch scary videos online and we saw a video called Possession by the demon zozo and that video was messed up. so we googled the demon zozo and it turns out its a HUGE thing all over the world zozo kills and possesses people ,usually teenage girls (me and my friend) 

he takes girls off to paradise and he called it that’s when things got weird 

 we had a session after that i guess which i do not remember where i guess my friend was scared of my and my voice wasn’t the same i just acted strange ,i do not remember that session i’m just quoiting her words.

we found out zozo likes to kill people in car crashes*on the internet*

 me and my boyfriend were driving in a huge snow storm and we were under control we were silent for a few minutes and then it felt like someone hit the car really hard with a lot of strength we spun out of control and made some other cars spin but oddly no one hit us ? 

then we just stopped spinning we stopped perfectly into another lane like it was to scare us 

another time about a week or two after the snow was gone and we were driving down a small busy road and we were not paying attention but the last moment i see this car pull into our lane coming head on at us my boyfriend turned the car and we went into someones yard but i kept watching that car it had a weird feeling to it like eerie feeling and it kept going down the wrong way in our lane as long as i could see it 

I am also haunted but horrible nightmares and night terrors 

for awhile i was afraid of my life because zozo was very fond of me as you might say he had no interest in my friend only me  weird things still happen but i try not to be afraid because demons feed off fear. 

this may not be scary to read but its damn scary to live this. 

google the demon zozo and see what comes up. 

its scary to watch the videos. 

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 8/10 This is scary to read I’m so glad you,your boyfriend or friend didn’t get hurt. I’m curious what you said to your friend during that session you can’t recall, Your story is the third one I rated that deals with Zozo and I have read a good deal about him and I am considering doing a post about him. I hope your post and the others ones serves as warnings to people who want to talk to zozo not to do it. Thanks for the scares!
Ouija Board FAQ Masterpost! With links!

Q: How do I play the Ouija board?

A: The rules are pretty simple.

Q: Is it safe to play the Ouija board?

A: Depends on your state of mind.

Q: Are Ouija boards dangerous?

A: No.

Q: Is it safe to play the Ouija board alone?

A: Ehhh kinda? Depends on your definition of safe.

Q: Is it safe to play the Ouija board in a graveyard? Or my house? 

A: Yes.

Q: Is it safe to play on Halloween?

A: It’s the best time to play.

Q: Is there anything specific I should or should not do while I play?

A: Totes.

Q: Do I have to say “Goodbye” after each session?


Q: Can the Ouija board tell you your future?

A: I wouldn’t bet on it.

Q: Are Ouija boards “just a game”?

A: By definition, yes.

Q: Is the Ouija board really safe for “ages 8 and up?”

A: Sure.

Q: Can I contact my deceased loved one on the Ouija board?

A: I don’t recommend it.

Q: What kind of spirits can you contact with the Ouija board?

A: There are three kinds.

Q: How do I dispose of my Ouija board?

A: However you want.

Q: How do I make a Ouija board?

A: It’s really simple.

Q: The planchette moved in figure 8′s/counted down the numbers, moved off the board! What does that mean?

A: Nothing.

Q: The Ouija board spelled out nonsense words, what does it mean? 

A: This is a common occurrence that could mean lots of things.

Q: Why do my parents hate Ouija boards?

A: For a lot of reasons, mostly Hollywood lies.

Q: Does the Ouija board create a portal for spirits?

A: No.

Q: Can you summon a demon through a Ouija board?

A: No.

Q: Who are Zozo and Mama?

A: Morons who are definitely not dangerous.

Q: Can you become possessed after playing the Ouija board?

A: No.

Q: What’s the Charlie Charlie Challenge?

A: A hoax, but I wrote about it before it was debunked.

Q: Is it safe to wear Ouija board clothes and accessories?

A: Very safe.

Q: What are poltergeists?

A: Spirits that can move stuff.

Q: I have a spooky feeling after I play, is my house haunted?

A: Signs point to no.

Q: Spooky stuff happened after I played! Was it a ghost?

A: Probably not.

Q: There’s spirit activity in my house? What should I do?

A: Calm down, read this.

Q: What’s the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

A: There are a lot of distinct differences.

Q: What kind of games can we play with the Ouija board?

A: I know a few fun ones.

Q: What’s a spirit guide?

A: A friend you’re not supposed to know about.

Q: Can you fall in love with a spirit, or can a spirit fall in love with you?


Q: I woke up with a bruise, was it a spirit?

A: Probably not.

Q: I woke up in the middle in the night and couldn’t move! Was a spirit holding me down?

A: No, you had sleep paralysis, and it’s not paranormal.

Q: You know the Ouija board isn’t real, right? It’s all the Ideomotor Effect.

A: Wow. Thanks Dr. Science.

Q: Why doesn’t the Ouija board work for me?

A: There are a lot of reasons why.

The Zozo Phenomena

If while using a Ouija board, you encounter a spirit who calls itself Zozo, you are not the only one. Zozo is the most commonly contacted spirit through the board. It isn’t a good spirit and lets you know that too. It will threaten you and try to cause you harm for as long as possible.

Fez & Hali introduce the evil spirit of Zozo. Get tickets for #OuijaMovie, in theaters tomorrow.

Thanksgiving in Hawaii. //Zoë&Theo\\

“I have a feeling that Lola and Wolf will love you,” Zoë said to Theo, a small smile on her lips. “I mean, Mom and Jase met you at the Divergent premiere and they already seem to like you… You just gotta impress my siblings.” Zoë hadn’t spent Thanksgiving with her Mom and Step-Dad in a few years, and she had been excited when they asked her to join them at their home in Hawaii. They’d also invited her Dad, seeings as they were all good friends, but he’d had to decline due to travel issues. Even without Lenny there, she was still excited, and even more so for Theo to spend his first thanksgiving experience with them in the Momoa household.


If you’re daring, then you may have participated in a Ouija Board session. The Ouija dates back to the year 1894, and has been insanely popular with those wishing to make contact with the dead ever since. A lot of paranormal experts, spirit mediums, and demonologists warn against the dangers of the infamous Ouija, and a entity called Zozo is a terrifying reminder why.

Reports of this demon date back to the early 20th century. When using the board, the planchette or glass performs strange figure eights or “inverted Zs,” and answers become repetitive and seemingly boring. But it does not take long for an encounter with Zozo to turn negative. This story, sent in by and anonymous follower, highlights how intense a meeting with ZoZo can really be:

“I was about 15 when I played with the Ouija Board for the first time. I played with 4 friends, we came into contact with a couple of my friends family members, Then Zozo came up. At the time, none of us had any idea who or what it was. So without knowing it was a demon, we carried on playing. He acted like a nice spirit, then without any warning, he spelled out “MURDER”. That’s when my friend sitting across from me began to act strangely. She started to twitch and fidget in her seat. I asked if she was ok, and she just shook her head with tears in her eyes. That’s when we decided to say GOODBYE to Zozo. Suddenly, she got up and screamed. She said that her back was on fire. We pulled up her shirt quickly and discovered a scratch spelling “ZO” on her back. It was so deep that she was bleeding. Safe to say, I haven’t messed with the Ouija since.”

Happy Halloween month, Tumblr! Let’s talk about Ouija boards.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Halloween on Tumblr! A month long celebration of all things spoopy and creppy, and irrational posts about the dangers of Ouija boards. 

I have been playing the Ouija board for nearly twenty years, and let me tell you something, THEY ARE NOT DANGEROUS.

I mean, they can be, if you are playing while high or drunk. Don’t do that.

Overall they are extremely safe. They will never do the things you read about in posts warning you about the dangers of Ouija boards. For example:

-Ouija boards do not open doors to the other side, and they are not portals to Hell

-You cannot contact a demon on the Ouija board, much less become possessed by one

-Nothing can “come out” of a Ouija board since they are literally just pieces of cardboard, not some kind of magical ghost prison

-There are no proper chants to say to start a Ouija board session, but you should say Goodbye after each conversation with a spirit, it’s just polite. There are also no magical ways of getting rid of a Ouija board, like you don’t have to burn it or bury it or whatever crazy way is going around now.

I mean, it’s literally a board game. It’s been sold as a board game for exactly 150 years as of 2015. It’s recommended for ages 8 and up. If it were a dangerous thing, why is it sold in toy stores, with no warning label? It’s never been recalled, it’s never been reported as a danger by an official news source, and the actual reason that people claim that Ouija boards are this huge danger came from Hollywood movies, misinterpretations of other people’s gameplay (ex: my mom’s aunt’s neighbor DIED after playing!!), or people just being morons and not taking it seriously. If you want to believe the morons out there, and believe the plot of all Hollywood movies, then go ahead. Or you can take my word for it, the expert who, statistically since this is Tumblr, has been playing the board since before you were born.

Here are some other quick articles I wrote for you: The basic rules of the Ouija board for beginners; Should you, specifically you, play the Ouija board?; My findings about people playing alone, and my thoughts on people who post videos of themselves playing alone; Playing in a graveyard, or even playing on Halloween (which are fun ideas); Spirits are liars and sometimes they’re assholes, but most of them are good, I promise; How to make a Ouija board; What to do if your planchette starts doing spooky stuff (like moving in circles or counting down the numbers); Zozo and Mama, the greatest morons of our time; and finally, my thoughts on the Ideomotor effect. For more check out my tag, #theouijagirlblogs.

Feel free to send me asks about anything having to do with Ouija boards and spirit communications. Let’s have a fun Halloween here and not one that perpetuates rumors about something so totally harmless.

So you think you've summoned a demon through the Ouija board

Oh snap! After playing on the Ouija board, all these creepy things are happening inside your house! You’ve summoned a *dun dun DUUUUNNNNN* DEMON!!!

I’m here to tell you that no, no you didn’t. You did not summon a demon. 

Think of it this way. Demons are the opposite of angels. Could you accidentally summon an angel? Do you think that with some letters on cardboard you could accidentally invite an angel into your home? And in doing so, have that angel trapped in your home while strange things happened all around you?

No. Angels have way better things to do. So do demons.

But demonic possessions and demonic hauntings ARE a thing. But the Ouija board is not the start of it. Again, an all powerful entity does not care about letters on cardboard. If, somehow, a demon does come into your home and your life after using the Ouija board, they had their eyes on you WAY before you even thought about ever using a Ouija board. There has only been one case, EVER, of a demon possessing someone after Ouija board use, and it currently being dismissed as a possible hoax or severe mental illness. All other cases have been disproved either as hoaxes, undiagnosed mental illness or epilepsy, or induced by hallucinogenic drugs. All of them.

BUT, hypothetically, you just used the Ouija board and now weird things are happening in your home! What is going on??

You have a poltergeist. A poltergeist is any spirit that is able to control things in our world, such as turning off and on lights, throwing things, or scratching you or walls and furniture. Poltergeists can be good or bad. Most are good, and are just using your energy to try to get your attention one way or another. Unless you are being physically harmed, assume the poltergeist is friendly. They are just communicating the only way they can. I mean, if you suddenly went invisible and mute, and tried to tell someone you were there, you would throw stuff too.

If you do have a demon in your home, they would not resort to just turning lights on and off. They are far, FAR more powerful than poltergeists. Symptoms of a demonic haunting are:

-very deep scratches or wounds on your body. And not like cat scratches, deep cuts

-being awakened or disturbed by low, dark voices or growling

-feeling like you want to stay inside all day, not wanting to be outgoing 

-a feeling of dread or a sick feeling in your stomach when entering certain rooms

-a deep aversion to anything religious

-any religious items kept around the house will fall of the walls, or be smashed

-having a priest enter your house and they feel attacked or are physically attacked by an unseen entity

-all the poltergeist activity listed above happening frequently. Daily. Constantly.

If none of these things are happening to you, then you’re all good. But I gotta say it again, YOU WILL NOT SUMMON A DEMON THROUGH THE OUIJA BOARD. 



And like I’ve said before, demonic possessions or hauntings only occur to people who are deeply religious, and have grown up knowing and fearing demons. If you do not have demons in your religion, or are not religious, you will never have to worry about demons. 

But theouijagirl, what about Zozo???

Zozo seems to be a demon, but I can almost guarantee you that you are not talking to him. Let’s say Zozo is a demon, and likes to spend his time hopping around Ouija boards and deliberately freaking people out. Then Zozo is a huge MORON. Then Zozo is a powerless, weak demon that feeds off the dumbest form of fear possible. Go home, Zozo. Go home.

Or, if this isn’t the case, then you have a trickster spirit trying to scare you by pretending to be Zozo. 

And now that you know this, if you are on the Ouija board and encounter someone claiming to be Zozo, you know you are dealing with a regular trickster spirit or the most moronic, idiotic, pathetic demon to ever crawl out of the Underworld. You are totally safe.

I hope this is informative for you guys. Feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions!