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5) Sukekiyo - Aoguroi Hysteria  

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10) Dir en grey - Macabre

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Ouija Board FAQ Masterpost! With links!

Q: How do I play the Ouija board?

A: The rules are pretty simple.

Q: Is it safe to play the Ouija board?

A: Depends on your state of mind.

Q: Are Ouija boards dangerous?

A: No.

Q: Is it safe to play the Ouija board alone?

A: Ehhh kinda? Depends on your definition of safe.

Q: Is it safe to play the Ouija board in a graveyard? Or my house? 

A: Yes.

Q: Is it safe to play on Halloween?

A: It’s the best time to play.

Q: Is there anything specific I should or should not do while I play?

A: Totes.

Q: Do I have to say “Goodbye” after each session?


Q: Can the Ouija board tell you your future?

A: I wouldn’t bet on it.

Q: Are Ouija boards “just a game”?

A: By definition, yes.

Q: Is the Ouija board really safe for “ages 8 and up?”

A: Sure.

Q: Can I contact my deceased loved one on the Ouija board?

A: I don’t recommend it.

Q: What kind of spirits can you contact with the Ouija board?

A: There are three kinds.

Q: How do I dispose of my Ouija board?

A: However you want.

Q: How do I make a Ouija board?

A: It’s really simple.

Q: The planchette moved in figure 8′s/counted down the numbers, moved off the board! What does that mean?

A: Nothing.

Q: The Ouija board spelled out nonsense words, what does it mean? 

A: This is a common occurrence that could mean lots of things.

Q: Why do my parents hate Ouija boards?

A: For a lot of reasons, mostly Hollywood lies.

Q: Does the Ouija board create a portal for spirits?

A: No.

Q: Can you summon a demon through a Ouija board?

A: No.

Q: Who are Zozo and Mama?

A: Morons who are definitely not dangerous.

Q: Can you become possessed after playing the Ouija board?

A: No.

Q: What’s the Charlie Charlie Challenge?

A: A hoax, but I wrote about it before it was debunked.

Q: Is it safe to wear Ouija board clothes and accessories?

A: Very safe.

Q: What are poltergeists?

A: Spirits that can move stuff.

Q: I have a spooky feeling after I play, is my house haunted?

A: Signs point to no.

Q: Spooky stuff happened after I played! Was it a ghost?

A: Probably not.

Q: There’s spirit activity in my house? What should I do?

A: Calm down, read this.

Q: What’s the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

A: There are a lot of distinct differences.

Q: What kind of games can we play with the Ouija board?

A: I know a few fun ones.

Q: What’s a spirit guide?

A: A friend you’re not supposed to know about.

Q: Can you fall in love with a spirit, or can a spirit fall in love with you?


Q: I woke up with a bruise, was it a spirit?

A: Probably not.

Q: I woke up in the middle in the night and couldn’t move! Was a spirit holding me down?

A: No, you had sleep paralysis, and it’s not paranormal.

Q: You know the Ouija board isn’t real, right? It’s all the Ideomotor Effect.

A: Wow. Thanks Dr. Science.

Q: Why doesn’t the Ouija board work for me?

A: There are a lot of reasons why.

So you think you've summoned a demon through the Ouija board

Oh snap! After playing on the Ouija board, all these creepy things are happening inside your house! You’ve summoned a *dun dun DUUUUNNNNN* DEMON!!!

I’m here to tell you that no, no you didn’t. You did not summon a demon. 

Think of it this way. Demons are the opposite of angels. Could you accidentally summon an angel? Do you think that with some letters on cardboard you could accidentally invite an angel into your home? And in doing so, have that angel trapped in your home while strange things happened all around you?

No. Angels have way better things to do. So do demons.

But demonic possessions and demonic hauntings ARE a thing. But the Ouija board is not the start of it. Again, an all powerful entity does not care about letters on cardboard. If, somehow, a demon does come into your home and your life after using the Ouija board, they had their eyes on you WAY before you even thought about ever using a Ouija board. There has only been one case, EVER, of a demon possessing someone after Ouija board use, and it currently being dismissed as a possible hoax or severe mental illness. All other cases have been disproved either as hoaxes, undiagnosed mental illness or epilepsy, or induced by hallucinogenic drugs. All of them.

BUT, hypothetically, you just used the Ouija board and now weird things are happening in your home! What is going on??

You have a poltergeist. A poltergeist is any spirit that is able to control things in our world, such as turning off and on lights, throwing things, or scratching you or walls and furniture. Poltergeists can be good or bad. Most are good, and are just using your energy to try to get your attention one way or another. Unless you are being physically harmed, assume the poltergeist is friendly. They are just communicating the only way they can. I mean, if you suddenly went invisible and mute, and tried to tell someone you were there, you would throw stuff too.

If you do have a demon in your home, they would not resort to just turning lights on and off. They are far, FAR more powerful than poltergeists. Symptoms of a demonic haunting are:

-very deep scratches or wounds on your body. And not like cat scratches, deep cuts

-being awakened or disturbed by low, dark voices or growling

-feeling like you want to stay inside all day, not wanting to be outgoing 

-a feeling of dread or a sick feeling in your stomach when entering certain rooms

-a deep aversion to anything religious

-any religious items kept around the house will fall of the walls, or be smashed

-having a priest enter your house and they feel attacked or are physically attacked by an unseen entity

-all the poltergeist activity listed above happening frequently. Daily. Constantly.

If none of these things are happening to you, then you’re all good. But I gotta say it again, YOU WILL NOT SUMMON A DEMON THROUGH THE OUIJA BOARD. 



And like I’ve said before, demonic possessions or hauntings only occur to people who are deeply religious, and have grown up knowing and fearing demons. If you do not have demons in your religion, or are not religious, you will never have to worry about demons. 

But theouijagirl, what about Zozo???

Zozo seems to be a demon, but I can almost guarantee you that you are not talking to him. Let’s say Zozo is a demon, and likes to spend his time hopping around Ouija boards and deliberately freaking people out. Then Zozo is a huge MORON. Then Zozo is a powerless, weak demon that feeds off the dumbest form of fear possible. Go home, Zozo. Go home.

Or, if this isn’t the case, then you have a trickster spirit trying to scare you by pretending to be Zozo. 

And now that you know this, if you are on the Ouija board and encounter someone claiming to be Zozo, you know you are dealing with a regular trickster spirit or the most moronic, idiotic, pathetic demon to ever crawl out of the Underworld. You are totally safe.

I hope this is informative for you guys. Feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions!


If you’re daring, then you may have participated in a Ouija Board session. The Ouija dates back to the year 1894, and has been insanely popular with those wishing to make contact with the dead ever since. A lot of paranormal experts, spirit mediums, and demonologists warn against the dangers of the infamous Ouija, and a entity called Zozo is a terrifying reminder why.

Reports of this demon date back to the early 20th century. When using the board, the planchette or glass performs strange figure eights or “inverted Zs,” and answers become repetitive and seemingly boring. But it does not take long for an encounter with Zozo to turn negative. This story, sent in by and anonymous follower, highlights how intense a meeting with ZoZo can really be:

“I was about 15 when I played with the Ouija Board for the first time. I played with 4 friends, we came into contact with a couple of my friends family members, Then Zozo came up. At the time, none of us had any idea who or what it was. So without knowing it was a demon, we carried on playing. He acted like a nice spirit, then without any warning, he spelled out “MURDER”. That’s when my friend sitting across from me began to act strangely. She started to twitch and fidget in her seat. I asked if she was ok, and she just shook her head with tears in her eyes. That’s when we decided to say GOODBYE to Zozo. Suddenly, she got up and screamed. She said that her back was on fire. We pulled up her shirt quickly and discovered a scratch spelling “ZO” on her back. It was so deep that she was bleeding. Safe to say, I haven’t messed with the Ouija since.”

31 Days of Ouija Blogs: Day 5- Zozo!

Yesterday I discussed demons, and how they cannot contact you through a Ouija board. Usually when I say this to people on Tumblr, they answer with, “Oh yeah, well what about Zozo???”

What about Zozo.

First of all, there has never been a documented demon named Zozo. Here is a list of theological demons we know by name. At the bottom is Zozo, looking sad without his own Wikipedia page. This is because he does not exist. The closest guess we have is the demon Pazuzu, most famous for being the star of The Exorcist and a few Gorillaz music videos. But if this ancient demon did come through the Ouija board, why would be give himself a nickname? Demons are boastful creatures; they’re gonna give you their full name if you ask for it.

Second, if this is a demon, then their sole purpose is to go around the world and scare people on the Ouija board. What kind of pathetic demon is that? If this was all demons were capable of, then Hell is probably a chill, relaxed place where nothing bad could really happen to you. Demons can accomplish way, way more than that. Ouija boards re for spirit communication, and spirits are one of the weakest supernatural beings, so if a demon was on that level, then they’re probably not even a demon. 

Third, let’s talk about the name. They go by “Zozo” because those are the two letters on the opposite ends of the board. Same goes for Mama, M and A are on the opposite sides. Spirits know they can scare people by making the planchette do weird stuff, like spell out things quickly and repeatedly, making it seem like the spirit is erratic and out of control. If they just spelled out something like “DADA” or something else that had letters close together, it’s not as scary. The spirit wants the planchette to fly across the board as wildly as possible, so it goes from one side of the alphabet to the other. That’s how you get the name Zozo. It isn’t some mystical reference, it’s literally how the board is laid out. I can guarantee you that if you changed around the letters and put like T and I on opposite sides, you’re eventually get a spirit that spells out TITI over and over, trying to scare you. Same goes for spirits that like to spell out Zaza, Zamo, Moza, and other combinations of the letters on the sides of the board.

The lore now is called the Rainbow Effect, where the planchette goes across the alphabet like a rainbow to spell out Zozo. Apparently if you do this, the spirit is trying to release itself from the board. Of course, spirits are already “free”, nothing is trapped in the board, and the spirit is just trying to see how gullible you are. Nothing will happen to you if the Rainbow Effect happens to you

So what is the point of spelling out Zozo? Basically it’s a scare tactic. Spirits get energy from you, and the best way to get you energized is by scaring you. The best way to scare you is to say they’re a demon and that they’re trying to be released from the board. But think of it this way: Zozo is a Catfish. This spirit is impersonating a demon, saying they’re a demon, and trying to act like a demon does, but the minute you try to Facetime or Skype with them, their connection is bad, or their webcam is broken. Zozo spirits can only do so much, but if you actually expect them to deliver some demonic stuff, don’t.

What do you do if you contact a Zozo or Mama? Tell them to stop. Say you know what they’re trying to do, it’s cute that they tried, but you do not want to talk to them if they’re going to do this. I’ve had many people message me and say they do this, and nine times out of then the spirit apologizes and the session goes normally. Every once ina while you’ll get some spirit who is immature and just wants to mess around and keep trying to do the Zozo thing, even if they promise they won’t. In that case, end the game. Don’t give them the time of day. Don’t feed the trolls.

So what have we learnd today?

-Zozo is not a demon

-”Zozo” is a Catfish name used by mulitple spirits to scare you

-The name is not based off of any theological demon

-The Rainbow Effect doesn’t do anything

-The easiest way to stop a Zozo spirit is to tell them to stop

For a few more blogs, check out my posts on whether or not Ouija boards are portals, if you can get possessed through a Ouija board, and if Ouija boards are just games.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk in detail about whether or not Ouija boards are portals, and hey! It’s the fifth day of my blog project! So for it’s going smoothly, but I’m going on vacation this weekend, so if a post comes a day late, my apologies (but I will do my best to stay on top of it). You can check out my #31ouijadays tag to see the other blog posts, or follow the link here.

Day 1- Ouija History

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Day 4- Demons!


i. denial

it starts out with small things. unanswered texts and late nights at work. things she can excuse. his phone must have died, or he saw it and forgot to respond, or he’s in a meeting and can’t respond. he’s got extra projects he has to do and he works so hard, he’s so responsible, he’s trying, he’s really trying. and it keeps happening. and sometimes it takes hours for him to respond, or he won’t respond at all, no matter how many messages she sends, and he works late almost every night and starts going into the office on the weekends. and then he starts to miss her calls, and he can’t seem to meet her eyes when she talks to him and her stomach catches in her throat. but she closes her eyes and clenches her fists and tells herself, he loves you he loves you he loves you he loves you and he must because she’s given up everything to be with him, her home and her friends and her education, and he’s working so hard he must be tired and it’s hard to have conversations after a long day at the office and he must be doing well if he has all this extra work to do and he’s working hard for both of them and he loves you he still loves you he must he must he must.

ii. anger

why are you always working late noora asks him one night and he shrugs and takes a sip of scotch and answers boss is just putting a lot more pressure on me. she nods and it’s silent for a second but she needs to know she needs to know so she tells him i understand but do you have to stay late every single night, you know i miss you and he sets down his glass hard and glares and tells her and says what do you want me to do? i can’t start slacking this job is too important and she snaps that yes i get that it’s important but what about us? isn’t that important to you to? and he drains his glass and doesn’t answer. and noora doesn’t ask about it again but as time goes on and he’s staying late again and he has to go out to dinner with his coworkers and no you shouldn’t come along it’s all gonna be about work stuff and it’ll be boring for you it becomes less disappointed and more of course, of course you’re going out again of course you can’t spend time with me and she gets more frustrated because it’s like he’s in london and she never even left norway and she gave up everything for them to be together so he should fucking act like he wants them to be together and finally one night when she’s waiting for him to come home she thinks i wish i had stayed in norway and the thought terrifies her. and then william comes home and lays down next to her on the bed smelling and sounding like one too many drinks, and she pretends she’s asleep so she doesn’t have to look at him.

iii. bargaining

sometimes she wonders if it’s her fault. if she had been kinder, more patient, more docile, if she was more supportive. if she put her needs before his more. and she tries. she tries so hard to understand. she pours his drinks and kisses him when he comes home late and paints a smile on her face and goes to parties with him and talks with his work friends no matter how condescending they are, and goes home and fucks him whenever he wants and for a while, she thinks that it’s working. he’s happier when he comes home and answers her texts. and then he calls her and tells her he needs to spend the night at the office, and doesn’t answer her texts the next day, and noora realizes that they’re back where they started.

iv. depression

she stops eating again. or, she eats less. she has breakfast with william in the mornings and sometimes has a salad or some fruit for lunch, but she sits on the couch and waits for him to come home every night with some shitty soap opera on in the background and she forgets to eat dinner. and then she stops getting out of bed to have breakfast in the mornings, and then she stops getting out of bed at all, and forgets to shower or brush her teeth or her hair and just lies in bed. and waits. and waits for him to come back. and she thinks of vilde with her blonde hair and her endless optimism, asking her if william is good enough for her, and eva, saying how she needed to find out who she was on her own, and chris and sana exchanging looks when she tells them that she’s going to london with william. and she thinks of eskild and linn and mari and iben and sara and hartvig nissen and everyone and everything she’s left behind. to be with someone who can’t even look her in the eye anymore, who holds his disappointment and anger in every movement he makes towards her. and she keeps hearing vilde’s voice is in her head. do you think he’s good enough for you? 

v. acceptance



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skam characters + greek gods

vilde hellerud

persephone is the daughter of zeus and the harvest goddess demeter, and is the queen of the underworld. homer describes her as the formidable, venerable majestic princess of the underworld, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead. the myth of her abduction represents her function as the personification of vegetation, which shoots forth in spring and withdraws into the earth after harvest; hence, she is also associated with spring as well as the fertility of vegetation.

31 Days of Ouija Blogs: Day 8- Playing Alone

I used to think that playing the Ouija board alone wouldn’t do anything. If you look far back into this blog, you’ll see me shut down posts about how dangerous it is to play alone by saying that it simply won’t work. Ouija boards need a flow of energy to work. Just like that elementary school project where you can make a light bulb turn on with a potato (you need to connect the potato to a battery, and the battery is connected to the light bulb) you need a current flowing from someone into the planchette and flowing back out to another person, thus creating energy for the spirit. But not long after I started posting that, I got a lot of replies from people saying that they play alone all the time and it works just fine for them. Eventually I had to concede that I was wrong, and I should listen more to other people instead of basing my ideas solely off of my own experiences*.

There’s a lot of stigma behind solo play, mainly stating that

-you will get possessed

-you will get a negative entity

-you will get addicted

And so on. First, we already know that you cannot get possessed through the Ouija board, as there never has been an officially documented case of this happening. And people can get addicted to anything. People get hooked on TV shows but nobody blames that on demons. But let’s talk about the negative entity thing for a bit.

Just like in real life, there are a lot of people out there who are good, and there are some people who are bad. Spirits are just people without bodies, so the same goes for them. Most of the time you’ll talk to good spirits on the board, and sometimes you’ll contact a bad one. Think of it like the Internet. Say you go on a Twitch stream to watch someone play and chat with other viewers. Most of the people in the chat are nice and enjoying the stream, while there will be one or two posting nonstop about Harambe or something. Same with Ouija boards. Chances are you’ll talk to someone chill, but there’s always a chance you’ll get a troll.

Spirits need energy to move the planchette, and the more people you have playing, the more energy you can generate. This is why I recommend playing with other people, because you’re more likely for it to work. Some people just don’t put off enough energy to play by themselves, and some people can. But basically, spirits want that energy because they are powerless without it, and troll spirits want that energy so they can troll harder. If you are playing alone, and have enough energy to get it to work, you’re more likely to draw in troll spirits that will take advantage of you. These spirits may not just say trolly things about Harambe or anything, but will say things you want to hear in order to get you to play more, like saying they’re you’re guardian spirit or a deity. And of course, there’s always the chance that you could get a spirit pretending to be a demon like Zozo. After people play by themselves, most people tell me that they feel cold and/or drained, and this is because the spirit had to take a lot of energy from you to move the planchette. Give all this energy to the wrong kind of spirit with bad intentions, and it could spell out bad news for you.

I don’t really recommend playing by yourself, but hey, if you want to play by yourself, I won’t tell you you shouldn’t. You should be very cautious if you do try while in a weakened state mentally or physically, as that spirit taking your energy could leave you even more weakened. If you feel confident to play alone, go for it, if not, don’t.

So the real reasons you should take caution for playing alone is:

-you are very likely to be left feeling very tired and drained for a while after you play

-you’re more likely to encounter something negative

-you’re more likely to be lied to

-there’s a big possibility that nothing will even happen

I have a long list about why Ouija boards won’t work for someone, which I send to people when they ask me why nothing happened during their game. Sometimes I’ll get a reply along the lines of “Was it because I was by myself?” and yeah, that’s why. I myself can’t play alone, which is why I assumed that nobody could, and I was later told by a spirit that my spirit guide blocks any spirit that tries to talk to me when I try to play alone, because my strong energy could go to the wrong spirit and cause havoc. So basically I’m banned for life.

One last point about playing alone before I wrap up this blog post. Anyone can fake playing alone. Which is why you shouldn’t trust people who post their solo play sessions to YouTube. They cannot prove that they were the ones moving the planchette, even if they swear they weren’t. It gives the whole community a bad name, not just people who play Ouija boards, when people post their sessions talking to demons or Zozo to YouTube. These people are doing it for attention. They want likes and subscribers. They want as many viewers as possible. And that’s why I’ll never post myself playing the Ouija board to anything, unless it’s instructional, because I’m not seeking out attention like that. I’m giving advice, not trying to become popular. So like I’ve stated in this post, you can’t prove your solo sessions are real to someone. They may be real to you, but people have the right to not believe you, because it just looks like you’re moving the planchette. If you want to get people to believe you by filming it and putting it on YouTube, don’t.

And quickly, to people that say you can play alone just fine if you play on an app or website, that’s just lines of code spitting out words you’re talking to, not a real spirit. Tomorrow we’ll talk about what a real spirit is. Just who are these things and what do they want? And what’s the difference between a ghost and a spirit? Stay tuned!

*which a lot of people should take heed of when posting their stories. Most anti-Ouija board posts go “I used to play and it got really bad which is why you shouldn’t play” followed by “I know some people play and nothing happens but that bad thing happened to me so you shouldn’t play.” Which is just really closed minded. If you ate shellfish and had an allergic reaction, would you tell other people not to eat shellfish, even if other people eat it just fine, because of what happened to you?