Story time

So my roommates (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) does this thing where he writes on the windows to leave secret messages.
So as you can imagine sometimes coming across these in the dark could make someone with an over active imagination think ‘wow what if this was a ghost?’
in this case it would be a very stupid ghost because the kitchen window currently has written on it in giant letters MEMES

Ouija Board fact MASTERPOST

1) Nothing can come out of a Ouija board and haunt you.

2) You cannot contact an actual demon on the Ouija board and you will not become possessed by one. However, demonic hauntings and possessions are a thing, here’s what they are like, but they will not happen because you played with a Ouija board.

3) Be polite and patient to the spirits you’re talking to, you don’t know who they are.

4) Halloween is the best time to use a Ouija board.

5) Ouija boards are not dangerous unless you are a moron.

6) There are three kinds of spirits you can contact on the Ouija board, don’t get fooled by the tricksters.

7) Ouija boards aren’t portals to the other side.

8) There are no rules about getting rid of a Ouija board, do it however you like.

9) Ouija boards were invented to be board games, they are still board games.

10) It is very important to say Goodbye after each session.

11) Do not play the Ouija board if you are scared of it, suffering from depression or any other debilitating mental illness, from a strong religious background that is fearful of death, or have no idea what you’re doing. And please don’t play if you’re taking a mind-altering substance.

12) Zozo, Mama, and all other forms of this name are not a demon, it’s more like spiritual Catfish. Zozo is not real.

13) Don’t believe everything the Ouija board says, chances are it’s just made up to scare you. 

14) I do not recommend playing the Ouija board alone, and I wrote two blog posts about this.

15) If the planchette moves in circles, figure 8s, comes off the board, or anything else strange, it doesn’t mean anything.

16) Ouija boards are safe to play in a graveyard.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Hey guys,

Thanks for those who stopped by our artist alley tables, the Skullgirls booth, and the Skullgirls panel at AX this year! We had a great turnout at all of them. I was pretty swamped with commissions for the entire convention haha. The line for the panel was shockingly gigantic too.

I apologize for those who were not able to make it into the room. I also apologize for those who I had to turn down for commissions- I was definitely overloaded this time around.

Anyway, here are some of the ones I have on record. Posted in the order that I have them on my list. Since this is a local convention for me now, I was able to scan some of them between days.

I asked everyone on here if it’s okay to post their commissions. If it’s not, feel free to let me know and I’ll take it down and/or if you’d want me to link to any particular site.

1st image: Chris’s character, Kida. Check out his stuff at: http://a-bad-idea.deviantart.com/ and http://badideasbadideas.tumblr.com/tagged/art

2nd image: Solange and Zozo @3@;; Specifically in the same pose that a previous commission of Bikini-Bible chan and slime girl.

3rd image; Scythana vs Venus. 

4th image: Tharja. My first attempt at her. I like her design a lot @3@; Still have yet to play more of the game though, orz.

5th image: Salty Freeman’s character vs. Mok Zed @3@; Salty Freeman- what was her name again? I forgot ;A;

6th image: Beatrix performing her most famous stunt!

7th image: Millia Rage (Xrd edition)…ommmg..not many references for this yet haha >XD;;

8th image: Jordon’s characters. ~ http://j-don-bonne.deviantart.com/

9th image: Sona and Bloodmoon Akali from LoL

10th image: Cae’s character, Peitra. ~ http://chaddiecakes.tumblr.com/tagged/cae_draws

Hit tumblr’s image limit. More to come~ Thanks again for those who stopped by~!

The Zozo Phenomena

If while using a Ouija board, you encounter a spirit who calls itself Zozo, you are not the only one. Zozo is the most commonly contacted spirit through the board. It isn’t a good spirit and lets you know that too. It will threaten you and try to cause you harm for as long as possible.

Fez & Hali introduce the evil spirit of Zozo. Get tickets for #OuijaMovie, in theaters tomorrow.

Thanksgiving in Hawaii. //Zoë&Theo\\

“I have a feeling that Lola and Wolf will love you,” Zoë said to Theo, a small smile on her lips. “I mean, Mom and Jase met you at the Divergent premiere and they already seem to like you… You just gotta impress my siblings.” Zoë hadn’t spent Thanksgiving with her Mom and Step-Dad in a few years, and she had been excited when they asked her to join them at their home in Hawaii. They’d also invited her Dad, seeings as they were all good friends, but he’d had to decline due to travel issues. Even without Lenny there, she was still excited, and even more so for Theo to spend his first thanksgiving experience with them in the Momoa household.