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my top 10 fav characters introduced in siege and storm

1. Nikolai Lantsov
2. Sturmhond
3. the second son of the Queen of Ravka
4. Korol Rezni
5. The Too-Clever Fox, as Alina calls him
6. Vasily’s little brother
7. The ‘bastard prince’
8. scourge of the true sea
9. the prince who masquerades as a privateer
10. the pirate king

Things I expected out of the Grishaverse: action, cool spy stuff, thieving, adventure, royalty, mystical powers, and heartbreak.
Things I did not expect: to have pronounced some of these names so very, very wrong the entire time I read them.


make me choose
 @fallenaelin said: nikolai vs lucien

Being around Nikolai was always like this, watching him shift and change, revealing secrets as he went. He reminded me of the wooden nesting dolls I’d played with as a child. Except instead of getting smaller, he just kept getting grander and more mysterious. Tomorrow, he’d probably tell me he’d built a pleasure palace on the moon. Tough to get to, but quite a view.

If the Grisha trilogy was set in modern age then im pretty sure that the darkling would blast ‘You belong with me’ by taylor swift during his visiting sessions to alina in seige and storm. 

But a Kaz and Zoya Friendship?
  • Okay so even though Zoya was quite Displeased with this sharp-faced boy when she first met him
  • The more and more Nina talks about his accomplishments the more and more she begins to lowkey respect him
  • Somehow Inej gets Kaz to come with her on one of her shorter journeys to Ravka and he’s like yeah because “maybe there is money to be made”
  • Everybody damn well knows it’s because he actually wants a break for once but they value their lives so they don’t say anything
  • When they arrive Nina is waiting for them and she’s super excited to introduce them to everything in her beloved country
  • Kaz is acting so nonchalant but Inej definitely notices the way he seems to extra observe everything around him and take in his new surroundings
  • He’s never been outside of Kerch, so this is an interesting experience for him that he is obviously not telling anyone about
  • Nina tries to keep her delight to a minimum when Kaz eats all of the food she forces upon them without complaint
  • On the day they’re supposed to show up at the palace Kaz dresses in the same suit that he wore that day when he won the Crows back over in the midst of the whole jurda parem problem
  • “You better not try to steal anything because I swear-” “No need to worry about it, Nina” “Good” “I’ll only take the Lantsov jewel, that’s all” “KAZ-”
  • Inej tries to keep an eye on him but it’s kinda pointless
  • King Nikolai is really courteous and all, taking extra care to be considerate towards Inej’s view on Ravkan laws regarding the Suli
  • While this whole exchange is happening Kaz and Zoya are just glaring at each other
  • “Brekker.” “Squaller.” “You dress like a guest at a funeral.” “Thank you.”
  • Inej and Nina are not exactly sure as to how any of this happened but Kaz and Zoya began to actually talk to each other?
  • It was mostly them judging other people from across the room during a meal or rolling their eyes in unison at some stupid remark
  • They’d have conversations with arms crossed, sitting a good deal of space away from each other, but attentive and listening
  • Nina asks Inej one day if she is a little concerned over this but Inej just smiles and shrugs and says “it’s amusing to watch”
  • anyways otp kanej know it’ll always be the other
  • So Kaz is watching Zoya teach some younger Squallers one afternoon and he realizes the incredible control she has over her powers
  • And of course he remembers her bringing Kuwei back to life that was an amazing moment brought me life too 10/10
  • Now the respect is mutual and they still throw the occasional snark at each other but it’s not as heated anymore
  • “Why do you always dress in such morbid clothes?” “Why do you always wear a kefta?” “Because it’s my uniform” “Exactly.” “Dramatic.”
  • Inej is startled when she is trying to practice some acrobatics on a tightrope Nikolai put up for her outside when Zoya and Kaz both storm up to her, shouting over each other
  • Turns out they just got into an argument over whose country was more messed up and they need Inej’s opinion
  • Inej: ?!?!?!?!
  • Anyways when they leave Kaz and Zoya just kinda look at each other on the deck and Inej and Nina are like “what kind of goodbye will this be?”
  • Kaz makes some remark about how Ravka is an “interesting place” and Zoya raises her eyebrows
  • Kaz is limping up the gangplank when this gust of wind messes up his hair and his coat and he just turns around with murder in his eyes
  • Zoya has mysteriously disappeared

The Darkling is probably that kinda guy who says stuff like “Change is good. Change is necessary. Change is what will change us, shape us.” But in reality he would use the Cut on someone if his favourite coffee mug got misplaced or someone added a slightly less shade of black tshirt in his wardrobe. 


Who are you, and what are you playing at?”
Nikolai Lantsov, but please don’t make me recite all my titles again. It’s no fun for anybody, and the only important one is ‘prince’.”
“And what about Sturmhond?”
I’m also Sturmhond, commander of the Volkvolny, scourge of the True Sea.“


Mal found me there, head buried in my arms, coat covered in green needles. He offered me his hand, but I ignored it.
“I’m all right,” I said, though nothing could have been less true.
“It’s getting dark. You shouldn’t be out here alone.”
“I’m the Sun Summoner. It gets dark when I say it does.”

  • Alina Starkov: [almost gets crushed beneath feet by a soldier and calls him a fathead for jaywalking]
  • Alina Starkov: [calls the Darkling insane for believing she can destroy the shadow fold]
  • Alina Starkov: [beats Zoya's ego to the ground in Botkin's class]
  • Alina Starkov: [hits and kicks the prince of Ravka]
  • Alina Starkov: [tries to escape numerous times from the Darkling's grasp that enrages him]
  • Alina Starkov: [tries to escape from the Apparat and his Sun Summoning brainwashed cult]
  • Alina Starkov: [tells Baghra to fuck off with her old ass]
  • Alina Starkov: [almost kills the Darkling with merzost]

Grisha cannot create or animate matter. Inferni don’t “magically” create fire. They summon combustible gases like methane or hydrogen, but still need a flint to start a spark. Squallers can raise or lower air pressure to create storms, while Tidemakers use temperature and pressure to summon and control water.

sorry @lbardugo i can’t stop myself because the small science is one of my favorite magic systems ever


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“i hope you weren’t looking to me to be the voice of reason. i keep to a strict diet of ill-advised enthusiasm and heartfelt regret.”



Alina Starkov / Zoya Nazyalensky / Baghra / Genya Safin

“I am a solider. I am the Sun Summoners. And I’m the only chance you have.” 

"I’m a solder of the second army, this is where I belong.”

“You think I don’t love my son,” she said. “But I do. It is because I love him that I will not let him put himself beyond redemption.”

“I am a doll, and a servant. Because I am a pretty thing and a solider all the same.”