zoya kristen

Zoya Caitlin on the thumb, pointer and pinky and Zoya Kristen on the middle and ring. Such pretty colors that are lasting!

I bought some striping tape ($2 on amazon incl shipping, shipped from China. China. For $2. I can’t even think about the economics behind that. China!) and it was super easy to apply and lasted a nice 8 minutes. Whatever. I’ll reapply it forever. What else do you do on a Saturday? Go out? No.

I think part of the reason behind why the tape hasn’t been sticking as well is a) I put it on day old polish, and b) I put Zoya’s topcoat on it, and while that’s protecting the nail polish, it’s not thick enough to protect the tape like Seche Vite might.

The polishes both have a nice grayish-ness to them, and they go well together. I’ve got two coats on each nail with Seche Vite Ridge Filler base coat and Zoya Armor top coat.

I bought this polish and bunch others during their sale in January. I spent so much money. I’m never going to have a 401k.