Honestly, this sums up chapter 816. Sometimes I forgot why Eiichiro Oda is called the genius mangaka. I’m not going to post the most ‘eventful’ scene from the mangaka because to strip it off from the whole chapter is too much for me. Keep reading for spoilers.

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The amount of shock and tears that I shed when reading Chapter 816..

I just. Oh my god you guys. Fucking Zou I swear. I don’t even know what to say. This whole time we were expecting a big fight to erupt between the samurai and the minks but god dammit Oda. He pulled a fucking twist to it and UGHHHHHH. I’m so sad. Worse yet that we don’t get a chapter next week. 

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Baratie/Arlong + Zou Parallels: Zoro

SO i was gonna make a post about this but i decided to make a graphic instead

maybe i’m going crazy here, but Zoro in the last few chapters has really been reminding me of Baratie/Arlong Arc Zoro. Nami/Sanji disappear because of personal problems, Zoro tells Luffy to just leave them because they have several other big problems to deal with, and in the end Zoro shows in his own way that he cares

Nami yelling at Zoro to not decide how important other people’s problems are really reminded me back when Zoro told Sanji not to call him an idiot for his life choices. especially since right after that scene, Nami herself took Merry and the Arlong Arc got kicked off, which was all about her personal problems. Zoro was also, arguably, doing the same thing to Nami back then too; deciding how important her problems were before knowing about them

and, of course, both times he listened in on someone explaining Nami/Sanji’s situation, showing that he does care