okay so like you should pick me because

  • i dont have a gag reflex wink wink
  • i like making friends omg fake bitches need real friends that are fake bitches too u feel
  • im fab ur fab and we have to stick together
  • im good at editing things and like i gots da photoshop 
  • im on all the time even at school bc im a bad ass and fake bitch
  • u guys are like 600% gucci ya
  • how can u not pick me bc look
    External image
  • and then theres
  • External image
  • ugh soetimes being this fab hurts u feel
  • and if u pick me i will pay u in harry styles dick
  • pls pick me ily omg i actually want to be picked for something for once agahahjbhsbdhj
  • im still fab just in case u were wondering

Fake Bitches! listen up

I’ve always wanted to be called a “fake bitch" 

I was already following Ben, Mia and Lauren!

cause you guys are fab. and i love you

I want to party with you guys..tiny chats!!


i need friends. 

just pick me, ill give you lifelong jello and lapdances. 

you wont regret it.! 

that is all