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1D ships as desserts

Narry - Perfect chocolate chip cookie

Nouis - Lava cake that didn’t fully melt so it’s just a lump in the middle but is still really good

Larry - Your favorite grocery store pudding that you’d get all the time but then they changed their recipe and it’ll never be the same no matter how many time you try and eat it it’s still bad and you have to move on to a new dessert

Zarry - A peanut butter chip brownie that’s so good you end up eating the whole pan and end up crying about it more than enjoying it

Ziall - Fresh cannoli, crisp, delicious and incredibly flaky

Zouis - Pot brownie

Lilo - Those big ass ice cream sundaes that take like 10 people to finish

Niam- White wedding cake cupcake, classic and safe choice

Ziam - Crème brûlée with fruit and vanilla bean ice cream on the side, rich and decadent

Lirry - A root beer float from one of those old fashioned diners

Look at this picture, I have put up with a lot from these boys but THIS is the final straw, the IRRESPONSIBILITY and FOOLISHNESS I am completely appalled at these boys and DISGUSTED he is NOT WEARING HIS SEATBELT. WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE IS THIS BOY SETTING WITH NO SEATBELT I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY WOULD TAKE PART IN THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR

My thoughts on the leaked Zouis Weed video

I attached this to the end of stylinsonbubble opinion post, but I wanted a separate post with my thoughts, and for my records. 

Firstly I’d like to say this once, my opinion on the recreational use of Marijuana (weed) is inconsequential. It does in no way impact my view as to what the purpose of this video was, other than to shockingly grab a populace attention and point towards the very obvious discrepancies in image that surround One Direction. With that said, I believe, like others, that this video was pre-planned and was leaked on purpose and with full intent.

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anonymous asked:

i've asked a couple of people this but don't seem to have gotten an answer. i've heard people talking about how the media mentioned that harry was angry/disappointed after the zouis pot video, but that harry apparently did something at a concert shortly after to show that he didn't care and undermine that media narrative. is that correct? what actually happened? i'm so confused lol

I’m hoping someone with a better memory (and tags from that time) will be able to help me out because sadly mine failed me but Harry sent one of his wonderful lyric tweets around the time weedgate broke. It was “electric avenue” and we were all like, “oh my gosh are we gonna get pot yacht 2.0?!” And then the video hit and we all died laughing. Soooo he warned us it was coming. As for on stage, I feel like there was, but I cannot remember. There was absolutely ZERO Louis interaction because 2014 was awful, but that wasn’t a change from before either. I do think the media tried to kinda pit Liam and Harry as the responsible ones agains Niall, Zayn, and Louis but Harry continued to hang all over Niall as he usually did and then his interactions with Zayn didn’t stop either so if I’m not mistaken those could work as Harry helping tear down that narrative.

Does anyone else remember or have better tags from this time that can help my dear nonnie?